Consultations and Services



 General Consultation:

This consultation is suitable for general inquiries and questions and is centered primarily around the current transits impacting your birth chart.  I will also integrate the secondary progressed chart, in particular your current progressed lunar phase and anything else standing out in importance.  If there are questions specific to past periods of time this consultation can also focus time and energy at investigating what was happening in your chart during specific periods of time and integrating that awareness into your current experience.  This consultation can be done over Skype or Zoom and will last 90 minutes. Cost is $180 for first time clients.  Cost is $150 for returning clients.

The General Consultation can also be focused on one primary astrological phase you are experiencing, such as a Saturn return, Uranus Opposition, or lunar node return.

Returning Check-In

This consultation is limited to those I have previously completed a consultation with, and is a half hour shorter than the general consultation in length.  This consultation will last for 60 minutes and costs $120.

Secondary Progressed Consultation:

This consultation is for those who want to explore their secondary progressed chart more deeply.  We will integrate the birth chart and current transits into the context of the secondary progressed chart and spend more time focused on the interplay between secondary progressions and the natal chart dynamics.  In the secondary progressed chart, we take the principle of a solar day equaling a solar year within a philosophy that we as individuals are a whole within greater and greater wholes.  We will spend considerable time talking about the current progressed lunation phase (New, Crescent, First Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter, Balsamic) and also spend a lot of time looking at past and upcoming progressed New Moons, progressed Full Moons, and others in between.  If you are someone who experiences planets going retrograde by progression, we will also deeply explore all of the associated ramifications.  This reading will last 90 minutes and can be done over Skype or Zoom.  Cost is $180.

Vocational Consultation:

This consultation penetrates into exploration of the many facets, images, symbols, and gifts revealing personal vocation contained in the astrology chart.  Astrology can assist with discerning deeper awareness of one’s authentic path as well as perceiving arising changes in the spinning wheels of fortune and opportune windows of time to seize.  We will consider the impact of your general transits as well as the narrative revealed by developments in your secondary progressed chart.  Special attention will be paid to Hellenistic time lord techniques, in particular zodiacal releasing.  We will also discuss the interplay of your lots of fortune and daimon, and insights found in charts cast for both your Lot of Fortune and Lot of Daimon (aka Lot of Spirit).  Cost is $180.

 Solar Return Consultation:

In this consultation we will explore the archetypal themes of your year ahead, beginning with your birthday this year and extending until your birthday the following year.

One of the techniques I use in this consultation is the Annual Profection.  As the Annual Profection is a Hellenistic astrology technique, I will actually switch to using whole signs during my interpretation, and so we will also switch to a perspective of looking at your chart from a whole sign perspective as well.  This can be jarring from those used to looking at their chart from the perspective of a quadrant house system, but I feel it is necessary to do when using Annual Profections.  For those who are used to looking at their chart from a quadrant house system perspective, I will also spend time talking about your Solar Return Chart, the chart cast for the time that the Sun returns to its degree from your time of birth, within the context of the Porphyry house system.  This consultation will last up to 90 minutes and can be done on Skype or Zoom.  Cost is $180 for first time clients. Cost is $150 for returning clients.

Planetary Node Consultation:

Most of us who follow astrology are familiar with the Nodes of the Moon, but all of the planets have nodes.  While I often attempt to integrate understanding from the planetary nodes into my general consultations, time does not permit in depth exploration of this topic.  In this consultation we will place the planetary nodes at the forefront of our exploration of your natal chart.  Utilizing planetary nodes, we can gain a sense for how the entire evolutionary arc of a planetary archetype impacts you:  for example, you may have a planet conjunct or in square to the South Node of Neptune, and the meaning of this aspect will have additional insight to integrate into your understanding of yourself from your natal chart that deepens self-awareness to an extraordinary level.  This reading will last up to 90 minutes and can be done on Skype or Zoom.  Cost is $180.

Written Correspondence:

Written reports through email are also available and most likely will cost between $100 – $180 depending upon the nature of the request.  Please email me at and we can work out what you are looking for and how much it will cost.

Tarot Reading

Tarot readings are also available through a variety of spreads and can vary in price, depending upon how long and detailed of a reading you seek.  For the most part, a tarot reading will cost between $30 – $60, and can be done via Skype or email.  Please send me your inquiry at and we can figure out the best fit for you.


Urania, Muse of Astronomy, Cosmic Poetry & Mystery (1836) by Berthel Thorvaldsen

One thought on “Consultations and Services

  1. Gray, I stumbled on your site looking to understand the new moon in Gemini this weekend. Have you seen the video of the twins minutes after their water birth? They don’t know they’re out of the womb, or that they are actually two. A loving pair of hands holds them and rocks them awake to their duality. Quite amazing!

    Thank you for your soulful writings. As a Venus in Pisces, special thanks for “it is common to hear people suggest that those with strong Pisces signatures prefer to live in a world of fantasy disconnected from the body, but this could not be more wrong…”

    Will be in touch for a consultation soon.


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