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Welcome. I use astrology as an art of guidance and discernment for self-realization and awareness of one’s path, gifts and challenges. The birth chart to me serves as a seed revealing the dynamic potential one is both evolving and returning to, and I use numerous astrological methodologies to analyze the quality of time experienced by those I consult with. I enjoy working with people to reflect upon how past periods of time inform the present moment, and the underlying astrological implications. I also will look for challenging and fruitful periods of time coming in the future and will suggest guidance in accordance.

My journey into the wisdom of the celestial wanderers truly began in 1998 (previously I was only aware of Sun sign astrology), and after  years of self-study I began to take classes from Olympia astrologer Rosie Finn, who became a pivotal influence on my understanding, as well as attend her monthly Plants & Planets talks.

One of my greatest influences in astrology is Demetra George, who I had the fortune to consult in November 2011. Demetra’s work connecting mythology with astrology had already had a profound impact on me, and I then became interested in learning Hellenistic astrology from her and passed certification exams with distinction on planetary condition with her, as well as enrolled in the Hellenistic Astrology course created by Chris Brennan.  I am further interested in the connection between the Hermetic arts and Hellenistic astrology, and teaching from  Austin Coppock has helped deepen my understanding of their relationship.

In 2019 I became certified as a practitioner in Horary astrology through the School of Traditional Astrology, graduating with distinction. I learned directly from Deborah Houlding, Lee Lehman, Eve Dembowski, and Wade Caves in a curriculum rooted in the lineage of William Lilly.  In case you are unfamiliar, Horary astrology is the divinatory branch of astrology concerned with answering questions based upon the chart cast for the moment the question is understood by the consulting astrologer. See my Consultations and Services page for details.

The perspective underlying my astrology practice also has resonance with the depth psychology developed by Carl Jung that was informed from his own astrological studies. I have also been inspired by Dane Rudhyar, whose astrological work harmonizes with my own understanding in many ways. On a deeper level, I use astrology to explore the intersections between our daily life and the ineffable nature of soul and the associated patterns making up our life stories. As in older systems of thought, I see soul as the substance animating our World Soul, an underlying source of energy and matter that links our motion on Earth with the motion of starry substance above us.

Although we all deal with fate, we each have the capacity to make choices, including how to respond to life in every moment, and be more fully present in our current state of being. I use astrology to help people gain a stronger sense of their ability to liberate themselves from past patterns of limitation and to live the life they envision for themselves to a greater extent. By understanding our life narrative in connection with astrology, it also can help in laying old stories to rest and writing a new chapter in life.

For the most part, in addition to natal chart aspects and transits, I use the secondary progressed chart and Hellenistic timing techniques such as annual profection and zodiacal releasing. I synthesize my understanding by bringing a depth psychological perspective to the traditional techniques I utilize.

Please send a message to consultation@graycrawford.net in order to set up a consultation with me. I have a pay pal account set up as one option for payment.  In addition, I also practice tarot as another method that may be suitable for your inquiry at less cost.  Please see my Consultations and Services page for details.

Finally, I have deep interest in astrological cycles and investigating patterns and events cutting across many ages on our planet.  I admire the work of Richard Tarnas along these lines, having learned a lot from his research and writing, and hoping to continue along this line of understanding with my own work.

“And though we may think the myths are long forgotten and the Gods and Goddesses dead, they resurrect in the passions of the soul.” 

–James Hillman

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Gray,
    How fortunate to be read by Demetria George. My peeps are Buzz Myers, Mike Lutin, Robert Hand, Donna Cunningham, and Liz Greene. I have been lucky enough to meet the 1st three and read by the first ( who has since passed).

    peace, linda

  2. Hi Gray 🙂 I am new to WordPress and have only just found your page (it was recommended) but astrology has been a massive influence on me for most of my life and, like you, we discovered that astrology was so much more than just sun signs at about the exact same time. I really enjoy your writing and you clearly have an excellent grasp on your subject matter. I am better at sussing out birth charts and synastry and so I’m always on the lookout for anyone who understands the complexities of transits and progressions. Happy to have found your site 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts regarding my writing. It is nice to hear that you enjoy my writing and perspective. I have found astrology to be a fascinating passion to pursue.

  3. Thank you for visiting Sophia’s Children and following my blog, Gray. I’ve been enjoying your insightful posts for awhile now. Thank you for what you share! Be well! Blessings, Jamie

  4. Hello Gray,
    I followed a link for the Black Madonna to your blog a short time ago. I don’t know if
    you are aware of the art of Mark Rothko? Also the textile artist, Amy Meissner, has
    some very interesting pieces (that you can view on her website). It’s a Venus thing.

    • Thank you- yes I do admire the art of Mark Rothko and have used his images previously in my articles. I am not familiar with Amy Meissner and will have to look into her- thank you for sharing.

  5. I love James Hillman. I almost got to see him speak a few years back, but to my sadness he passed away before I could. I really enjoy your perspective and Love Jung as well. I am glad I stumbled upon your site.

  6. Since finding your posts on Depth Psychology Alliance, I continue to find your insights resonating with what I experience. Keep up your fine craft 🙂

    I’ve been studying astrology for c.2 years, and through it have come to a growing, humbling, at times painful, yet always illuminating, self-awareness.

    I’d be curious to explore my astrology further with you, especially as I find Jeff Green’s EA approach effective.

  7. I’ve just discovered your site. I absolutely love the images of art you’re sharing with your texts, so elegant and sublime. It’ll be a great pleasure to continue reading your posts.

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