“You [Gray] presented and synthesized a lot of information for me and it has been very helpful. I reviewed my notes from the consult and so appreciate the roadmap of transits you laid out. It really helps me feel more optimistic and hopeful about the outcome of deep transformation, and how that can play out on different time scales. It has helped me develop some practical plans and stretch goals I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

— 35 year old in USA who received consultation via Zoom meetings

“Gray noted a number of configurations in my chart that had been overlooked by other astrologers in past readings — from a Grand Fixed Cross involving my Lunar Nodes to a Trine between Uranus and Venus. His in-depth knowledge of the Goddess Asteroids, as well his well-rounded knowledge of a variety of Astrological methods, caused me to seek him out. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I have a better understanding of my Juno and Ceres placements, as well as the significance of my Moon. He also explained my Progressed Chart to me, alerting me to significant time periods in the coming years. I highly recommend him.”

— Kelsey Lynore of the Tarot Nook, who received a consultation via Skype

“Gray Crawford facilitates a space which guided me toward greater self-insight. The solar return consultation was an act of co-creation. The written correspondence is a dialogue that creates a two-way connection. This allows for access that evolves during the year. The service served as an equipoise to the life-changing events that took place after we had begun messaging. I am confident that our correspondence contributed to my capacity to show up at the landmark moments in my life. This was made possible by the transparency of Gray’s process and his prose. He garnered my trust and my gratitude.

The ability to reify—that is, to make the abstract into the concrete—comes from Gray’s sensitivity, discernment and wisdom as a metaphysical practitioner. Gray will be able to clarify the complexities of your natal chart (and the forthcoming transits) within the scope of your needs. He will invite you to reflect upon these gestures and ask you to live the questions. This is a testament to his calibre as a writer. For me, it was his depth of psychological and archetypal knowledge, as seen in his articles, that persuaded me to purchase a consultation. Naturally, these two aspects informed our work together.

Gray enabled me to orient myself: I was able to feel my way – not just think – through 2016-2017. My endorsement is wholehearted. To give credence to my testimonial, I will be engaged in further work with him with another 2017-2018 reading.”

— 27 year old in England, who participated in an extended written correspondence regarding his astrological transits during the year, including focus on his solar return chart using the annual profection technique.

“The time and thought spent on trying to decipher what the fuck is going on in this life of mine and the incredibly positive and encouraging words are like gold. I feel grateful that you have taken the time to do this and to encourage someone that for all you know may be the least creative person in the universe. Although I know that is not the point. To encourage others to push themselves to be what it is they want to be is a beautiful and generous act. You have a very generous soul : )

The correspondence has really helped me to clarify and be objective on quite a few areas in my life at a time when I really was feeling a little in free fall.”

— 46 year old in the United Kingdom, who received written correspondence regarding her artistic work and the inner issues she was contemplating and confronting

“Thank you Gray Crawford for the excellent astrology reading you gave me last night! As a fellow astrologer, I’m very selective with astrologers I visit but I knew from the exquisite quality of your writing that it would be special, and it was. I’m so impressed by depth and variety of your knowledge. But even more importantly, you truly care about the path your clients are on and that makes all the difference.”

— Christina Caudill of Radiant Astrology

“Gray, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a thoughtful, engaged reading — working from natal, progressed and transit charts is an evolved skill — and I loved how you took the time to really know what I was looking for, and I thank you for really taking the time to “see” me. I feel very grateful that our paths crossed, and I am also grateful and relieved that here are probably many more members of the tribe of people than I sometimes think there are, who will spend hours on something for no reason other than they are deeply searching people operating from love and light and the spirit of connection way over and above the economic model of everything.”

— 56 year old living in Australia who received a general consultation via Skype

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