“Gray Crawford is one of my favorite astrologers. I follow his writings. I’ve also had several natal and transit readings with him in the past few years. I trust his interpretations and feel comfortable confiding in him. I highly recommend him!”

— Sara Rose Diamond

“As a spiritual seeker and a student of astrology, I have been fortunate to have had quite a few astrological readings over the years. So when I say this is the BEST READING I’VE EVER HAD, know that this comes from an experienced viewpoint. The blending of Whole-house with other chart systems like Placidus, etc. provided an integrated approach that gave me a very well-rounded picture to follow in my reading. Also appreciated was that Gray took a look at my progression chart, as well as the solar return. In addition, I found the Fixed Star information really intriguing and I have had another reading that focuses on that perspective and it was amazing!

Thank you, Gray. I left my reading with a sense of inspiration and a lot of hope and excitement for the future that I had been praying to regain.”

Much Gratitude! Veronica O.

“Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Gray’s personal sessions. After 45 or so years as an astrologer myself, I finally got my second ever full astrology reading with Gray. I found it immensely helpful. Gray is a very talented, very articulate astrologer, and I refer back to his session often.”

— Alexis Masters

“I booked a vocational consultation with Gray as I was in a place of deep confusion and chaos in my professional life. What I loved the most in our consultation was Gray’s ability to find repeating themes in my chart that fit my character and the choices I have made so far in my life. I also gained confidence and more understanding of some placements that were a bit anxiety-inducing (Gray was wonderful and explained some of the techniques used and sent more information to help me understand my chart better).
In a vocational consultation, I am personally not looking to pinpoint exactly what is it that I should do. I was looking more for validation of my gut feeling and how that fits into the chart story and present timing. Gray surprised me with his ability to integrate various and complex astrology techniques and gave me clues into how and when things might unfold whilst holding space for my fears of what a new beginning may bring.
Gray conquered me with his astrology knowledge, ability to emotionally connect, honesty and talent in helping someone unfold wings whilst keeping a sense of reality. I will definitely come back for more insight into my chart.”
— Oana B.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Gray Crawford as a practitioner to be considered as your ally. Gray has worked with me since 2016 through written correspondence — the nature of which has included general, solar return, vocational and horary consultations. This has provided a series of written resources from the ages of 26 to 31.
Throughout these years, Gray has been both compassionate and patient. I choose these words with intention: they both share their etymologies with the past participle stem of Latin pati, which means “to endure, undergo, experience.” This is what is required for depth work over the years with a querent. Gray’s compassion and his patience cultivates, blossoms and fructifies as trust.

What does this look like in practice? I trust Gray to co-create a temenos with me such that I can bring him my full self. Not just my eloquence, my curiosity, my sensitivity — but my grief, my self-doubt, my disappointment. Gray dares to stay by my side through my day-to-day life. He is also willing to accompany me in my relationship with the imaginal. This is mirrored when we concurrently apply the stars and the planets. What occurs is open-ended play with the synecdoche, the metonymy, the fractal relationships between these sites of meaning. His knowledge of world histories and cultures of astrologies enriches my own.

Gray acts as witness and companion: he walks alongside me and gestures to the constellations above and within. In this generous space, I can make making connections: there is a restoration of meaning made together. I trust Gray, and I am proud to have worked with him in the formative years before and during my Saturn return.

Gray’s own ancestral work and Jungian analysis mirror my own. It’s important to note that while Gray works with you, he works with his own ancestry and psychology. Your patronage supports his ongoing self-development as well as your own. This replenishes and flourishes both of you like it has with me. He is one of my allies, I hope you choose him as yours.”

— A.S. Katoch

“Gray Crawford provides a comprehensive approach to astrology that includes planetary information, history, mythology, Jungian psychology, even tarot in every report. I look forward to all his posts and articles as well as podcasts. Gray also provides in-depth astrology consultations that I have returned to again and again to re-digest. Highly recommend him.”

— Pat Iyer

“Wow, thank you SO much for the reading today and taking the time to investigate Nemesis with me. I think we may have cracked the code! I’ll say this was the best and most thorough astro reading I’ve ever gotten in my long life 🙂 I can’t wait to listen to it. So much to unpack and sit with and I’m sure much more will come to light as I listen. It’s obvious I’m not here to make people comfortable or write some feel-good book, I know that much.”

— Kim Foster (who had a particular interest in exploring Nemesis in her chart)

“Gray Crawford is my favourite astrological writer. His nuanced and meticulous approach is beautiful and thought-provoking. Gray’s inspiring posts always contain images of interesting art that further evoke rich imaginal realms.
Having my chart read by Gray (his use of both modern and ancient techniques) has helped me to understand and work with the energies in a whole new way. As well, his comprehensive understanding of what is pertinent and forthcoming has provided me with the confidence to plot a course into an unknowable future.
I am grateful for his meaningful contribution to my inner life and work. I value Gray as a wise and insightful guide and mentor and appreciate being able to support his important work through Patreon.”

— Zoe Shuttleworth

“During the reading, Gray gave me accurate, interesting, new insights about my natal chart and transits that definitely helped me grow.”

— Alexandra Oppo

“Gray noted a number of configurations in my chart that had been overlooked by other astrologers in past readings — from a Grand Fixed Cross involving my Lunar Nodes to a Trine between Uranus and Venus. His in-depth knowledge of the Goddess Asteroids, as well his well-rounded knowledge of a variety of Astrological methods, caused me to seek him out. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed. I have a better understanding of my Juno and Ceres placements, as well as the significance of my Moon. He also explained my Progressed Chart to me, alerting me to significant time periods in the coming years. I highly recommend him.”

— Kelsey Lynore

“Thank you Gray Crawford for the excellent astrology reading you gave me last night! As a fellow astrologer, I’m very selective with astrologers I visit but I knew from the exquisite quality of your writing that it would be special, and it was. I’m so impressed by depth and variety of your knowledge. But even more importantly, you truly care about the path your clients are on and that makes all the difference.”

— Christina Caudill

“Gray, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a thoughtful, engaged reading — working from natal, progressed and transit charts is an evolved skill — and I loved how you took the time to really know what I was looking for, and I thank you for really taking the time to “see” me. ”

— 56 year old living in Australia who received a general consultation via Skype

“The time and thought spent on trying to decipher what the fuck is going on in this life of mine and the incredibly positive and encouraging words are like gold. I feel grateful that you have taken the time to do this and to encourage someone that for all you know may be the least creative person in the universe. Although I know that is not the point. To encourage others to push themselves to be what it is they want to be is a beautiful and generous act. You have a very generous soul : )

You really helped me to clarify and be objective on quite a few areas in my life at a time when I really was feeling a little in free fall.”

— 46 year old in the United Kingdom

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