2021 Astrology Forecast

As 2020 draws to a close and we are on the precipice of turning the calendar into the year 2021, I am delighted to share a recent podcast interview I had with Melissa LaFara on her Energetic Principles podcast in which we forecasted the astrology of the entire year ahead. In the northern hemisphere where I live, we are in the holy days of darkness and returning light, with the light of the Sun slowly increasing each day. Similarly, the astrology of 2021 offers a beacon of hope guiding us out of a very difficult year. Melissa and I talked about calling this 2021 forecast episode “Following the Guiding Star Forward,” because although there is a lot of volatile and difficult astrology involved in the year ahead it is also mixed in with aspects that will promote innovative and visionary mediation, problem solving, and growth. You can listen to the soundcloud audio version of the podcast here:

There is also a video, youtube version of the podcast episode you can watch here, that also includes visuals of some of the mundane astrology charts we discuss:

The episode begins with a broad overview of 2021 astrology – such as Saturn square Uranus, the continuation of the Gemini and Sagittarius eclipses, and all three Mercury retrograde periods occurring in the air triplicity. We then go quarter by quarter – Solstice to Equinox – pointing out the hotspot areas of the year and potential ways to navigate them in the collective and personal spheres. It’s a long episode so you can break up listening to it into sections for each part of the year. Here is a timestamp breakdown for each section of the episode:

Overview 00:00
Capricorn Solstice Quarter – 46 min
Aries Equinox Quarter – 1 hr 24 min 
Cancer Solstice Quarter – 2 hrs 19 min
Libra Equinox Quarter – 2 hrs 49 min

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