Venus Retrograde Consultation Discounts

venus cycle flower

Venus in Leo is not only currently conjunct Jupiter, she is also beginning to slow down in preparation for her station retrograde on July 25.  Those particularly sensitive to the deep Venusian pull of this upcoming Venus retrograde cycle will already be feeling her effects in your life on an inner and outer level.  In other words, this is a great time for an astrological consultation!

At the same time, for personal reasons I am hoping to increase my finances through my astrological practice in the coming weeks, and so I thought I would create a win-win situation by offering a 40% discount on all of my astrological consultations for the next three weeks, through July 26, 2015.  Essentially this means that you would be paying $78 for an astrological consultation with me.  If interested please email me at and I can arrange a time with you for us to meet. I can do a consultation with you over Skype and can then send you a MP3 recording of our conversation afterwards.

This looks to be a dramatic and pivotal Venus retrograde period, and so I send my blessings for all of you to find clarity, joy, and good health in the months ahead.