Eclipses and the U.S. Presidential election of 2016

eclipse total

Observed July 29, 1878 courtesy of the New York Public Library

The political race for the Presidency of the United States of America in 2016 has shocked many for how much success Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have had so far given their polarizing political views.  Typically, candidates for the U.S. Presidency are conservatively centrist, yet suddenly a Republican candidate with Nationalist policy ideas and a Democrat with Socialist policy ideas have been winning primaries and doing much better than anyone expected.  In the case of Donald Trump, whose candidacy at first was viewed as a joke to many, the fact that he has been dominating the Republican race has been straight up bewildering.  The primary season now approaches Super Tuesday on March 1, followed by a second Super Tuesday on March 15.  In between these two Super Tuesdays, there will be a very powerful Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Tuesday, March 8, 2016:



Total Solar Eclipses have longterm impacts, and the influence of this one will extend into the time period of the actual U.S. election in November 2016.  Since the early days of omen astrology in ancient Babylon, Eclipses have a far reaching tradition of being associated with transfer of power from one ruler to another.  Eclipses also have a long history of stirring up collective fear, and there is enormous collective fear and anger that both Trump and Sanders have drawn on for their success.  Sanders has inspired many with his message aimed at the gross inequities in the U.S. economy in which a minuscule minority controls the vast majority of wealth.  Trump seems to inspire those looking for a blustering, overconfident leader and has drawn on fear of foreigners and terrorism as well as anger over the Presidency of Barack Obama.

The two greatest political families of the past half century in the U.S.A. have been represented in this race by Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton, yet Jeb Bush is already finished and Hilary Clinton has struggled more than expected.  In the case of the Bush family, it is as if their political legacy has been eclipsed.  If we consider some of the aspects of this Total Eclipse, we can see that Saturn in Sagittarius is in square to the lunar nodes, with Jupiter conjoining the North Node of the Moon and forming a last quarter square to Saturn.  This aspect reveals the collective crisis in thought both Trump and Sanders have been drawing on.  In addition, the Solar Eclipse conjoining the South Node of the Moon as well as Chiron and Ceres reveals the massive collective wounds feeding the fears and outrage of the electorate.

It is further quite amazing that both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were born at the time of eclipses that are directly linked to the upcoming Total Pisces Solar Eclipse.  The chart below for Donald Trump is sourced from a certificate that was posted online, supposedly by Donald Trump.  If the time is accurate for his birth, it reveals that Trump was born at an exact Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius:


As we can see, Trump’s chart will be severely triggered by the Total Solar Eclipse on March 8, as it will be in square to his Moon, lunar nodes, Sun, and Uranus.  In the quadrant house system shown above, the Solar Eclipse will fall in Trump’s seventh house, whereas in the whole sign house system the Eclipse will fall in his eighth house.  As this Pisces Eclipse conjoining the South Node of the Moon will activate past forces needing to be released, it likely that the shadowy past of Trump full of myriad scandals will come out in the open more so than it has up to this point.  Donald Trump has more secrets and sordid past associated with the relationships of the seventh house and the shared resources of the eighth house than most.  Up until now he has somehow mostly escaped being damaged by his past, but this Eclipse indicates he will have to directly address allegations made about his past business relationships.

However, as Trump so far has demonstrated an amazing ability to step into and create political chaos and manipulate situations to his political advantage, it will be interesting to see how he responds to his chart becoming so stirred up by this Eclipse.  Having a Sagittarius Moon conjoining its own South Node, opposite the Sun and Uranus, Trump is a narcissistic visionary and the type of Sagittarius who can be convincing with people even when they do not really know what they are talking about or have anything solid to back it up besides their confidence.  With transiting Jupiter in square to his lunar nodes, Uranus, Sun, and Moon there is a lot of activation but he will begin to be forced to present actual details and specifics to back up the vision he has been spouting.  In addition, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23, 2016 that will conjoin his natal Neptune and be in square to his Mercury in Cancer.  While this can again play up the glamor side to his candidacy, it will also draw more attention to his need to present concrete details.

Bernie Sanders in contrast has vastly different planetary aspects in his chart, though there has yet to be a clearly confirmed birth time for him.  What we do know is that Sanders was born three days after a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, and a couple of weeks before a Solar Eclipse in Virgo.  In other words, Sanders was born between eclipses that line up exactly with the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces coming on March 8:


While we do not know for sure the houses that will be impacted for Sanders, we do know that the Solar Eclipse, Chiron, and the South Node of the Moon will be conjoining his natal South Node of the Moon, and that transiting Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon will be conjoining his natal Sun and North Node of the Moon.  Moreover, the Total Solar Eclipse, Jupiter, and Chiron will be in square to the natal Jupiter of Sanders.  His natal Jupiter in Gemini is one of the most important pieces of his chart, as it is in square to his lunar nodes and therefore signifies issues he must confront and address.  While we do not know what house to put his Jupiter in Gemini in, we can surmise that part of the related issue revolves around the ability of Sanders to collect a wide array of information and integrate it into a meaningful vision that will be useful to others.  Sanders has a Jupiter in the home of Mercury, and a Sun conjoining the North Node of the Moon in the home and exaltation of Mercury.  Part of this old Soul pattern for Sanders involves his vision stirring up debate and contention, and at this time Sanders has finally been given the platform to have his voice loudly heard.

Similar to Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders will also be strongly activated by the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23 as the Lunar Eclipse will conjoin his natal Mercury.  Unlike Donald Trump, Sanders has less of a shadowy past that can haunt him and instead the Solar Eclipse conjoining his own South Node of the Moon could highlight his lifetime of work dedicated to social justice issues that has been inspiring to many during the primaries.  Unlike other candidates who have flip flopped and changed positions, Sanders has been remarkably consistent and forthright going back a half century.  Additionally, the Gemini Jupiter and Virgo Sun of Sanders being triggered by the Pisces Solar Eclipse, while his natal Libra Mercury will be activated by the Libra Lunar Eclipse, means that even if Sanders is not able to defeat Hilary Clinton in the primaries, the message he has been communicating and the movement he has garnered around him will have influence and impact long past this Presidential election.

To speak of Hilary Clinton, it is worth mentioning that although Hilary Clinton was not born at the time of an Eclipse, she was born with a Pisces Moon that will be activated by the Total Solar Eclipse, Chiron, and Ceres:


As a result of her Pisces Moon being aligned with the Total Solar Eclipse, we can expect more of the controversial past of Hilary to be revealed.  However, we can also note that the Solar Eclipse will be in trine to her Ascendant, South Node of the Moon, Mercury, and Venus, and in sextile to her Descendant and North Node of the Moon.  This suggests she can stabilize the associated damage, and her Pisces Moon becoming so activated by the Eclipse could have an energizing impact she can use to her advantage.  An interesting additional point to make that is not related to eclipses, is that Mars will ultimately retrograde and then station direct on Hilary’s ascendant.  If Hilary becomes the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency, her link to the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle will be a compelling aspect of the election for those interested in astrology.