Crystal Shipsss and the geyser within

Crystal Shipsss, a psyche-delic band from Berlin, recently passed through Olympia. Jacob Faurholt writes the songs and is touring the USA at the moment with his girlfriend accompanying him, showcasing their new 10 inch album very worth a listen (on youtube also check the song “Smile” and “Uh-huh” and others under his real name).  Jacob sometimes confronts aspects of his own mind in his lyrics, other times confronts the opinion of mental health officials calling him crazy, other times just weaves an artful work of words-  one of those artists who you know where they are coming from.  He told me he loves the bands Galaxie 500 and Guided by Voices, and so does share aesthetic sensibilities with me.

During this time of Pisces Neptune squaring the Nodes in Gemini (South)-Sagiatrius (North) with Capricorn Pluto Uranus squaring Aries Uranus at the same time, some of us may have been experiencing some disorientation and strange trips of the mind, while others may be lost in an illusion and be in complete denial of it, even thinking it is perfectly “normal.”  As I will explore in a subsequent blog post, Mercury in Leo was first trine Uranus / sextile Pluto on July 2-5, 2012, then stationed retrograde and passed back over this point July 24-28, and then stationed direct on August 7 in quincunx to the Pisces Neptune and trine North Node / sextile South Node.  Today Mercury has moved back forward to once again be trine to Uranus and quincunx to Pluto within their intense square dynamic.

So, I feel at this time the geyser imagery in this video by Crystal Shipsss goes along with Mercury’s recent trip through Leo forwards and backwards and forwards again, linking the Neptune-Nodal square with the Uranus-Pluto square- today and in the next few days this arrangement in the stars could reflect an internal eruption we experience from within- sudden insights, sudden upsurges of feelings and emotions, hopefully which will also include insight along with the inspiration. More to come about this . . .