Pallas Athena, Jupiter, & Pluto on the Kosmic Tonic Podcast


Pallas Athena by Marcantonio Raimondi (ca. 1520–1527)

Pallas Athena & the Jupiter Pluto Conjunctions

I was recently interviewed on the Kosmic Tonic Podcast about the meaning of the asteroid Pallas Athena conjoining Jupiter and Pluto during all three times that Jupiter and Pluto unite together in 2020. I met Eliza and Jasmine at UAC (United Astrology Conference) in 2018 and Kestrel at NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference) in 2019 and felt immediate connection with their astrological approaches, so it was wonderful to be able to have a conversation with them on their podcast.

You can listen to the podcast episode here or in the link included in the “Links” page on my website.

Themes include: Athena’s lesser-known Mom, Metis – Olympian ancestral patterns of children-swallowing – the difference between Ares and Athena as gods of war – systems crumbling – dominion – justice – and more!

I referenced the following quotes from Greek Religion by Walter Burkert:

“More than any other diety Athena is always near her proteges – ‘Goddess of Nearness’ is how Walter F. Otto described her. Wherever difficulties disappear and the impossible becomes possible, Athena is at hand, but her presence does not detract from the achievement of the other: ‘In league with Athena set your own hand to work,’ says the proverb.”

“Her most characteristic manifestation is to Achilles: as he grasps for his sword in his quarrel with Agamemnon, Athena stands behind him and catches him by the hair; to the others she remains invisible, but Achilles recognizes the goddess ‘in amazement’; her eyes shine terribly. She counsels him to check his rage, lightly inserting the words, ‘if you will follow me,’ and Achilles obeys without question. It has often been discussed how a psychological process of self-control is here anatomized and presented as divine intervention. Athena’s shining eyes make a moment of lucid prudence in the darkening quarrel.”


The Kosmic Tonic Podcast is hosted by Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson, and Kestrel Neathawk. They also have a youtube channel and website. Kestrel also has her own website for her work as an astrologer and psychotherapist.

Jasmine, Eliza, and Kestrel previously taught a webinar on working with the Lilith archetype through the asteroid and Black Moon Lilith for Fresh Voices in Astrology entitled Counseling with Lilith you can purchase here.


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