I first became aware of the existence of astrology charts in 1998 and self-studied astrology for many years. In 11-05 I had a reading with Rosie Finn that helped activate an awareness within me of a vast depth of learning available in astrology, seemingly infinite in oceanic scope. I have since plunged deeper into my study of astrology, taking some classes from time to time with Rosie Finn. I have also participated in the School of Evolutionary Astrology message board and learned from the work of Jeffrey Wolf Green. In 11-11 I received a reading from Demetra George who was already one of my greatest astrological influences- in person she also helped open me to a greater understanding of the archetypal story carried in each of our charts.

I am available for astrology readings and can be contacted at : I offer a sliding scale and possible trade for payment.

I live in Olympia with my two daughters and teach community college in Tacoma for a program available for students who have dropped out of school to earn their diploma while also earning college credits. I teach a curriculum rooted in self-transformation.

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