Sabian Symbol of the Sagitarius North Node of the Moon today

Sabian symbols are channeled images for every degree of the zodiac. At the moment the North Node of the Moon, symbolizing the evolving soul direction for our collective souls on our planet, is at 2 degrees Sagitarius.

From Sabian Symbols by Marc Edmund Jones, originally published in 1953:

Sagitarius 2  The ocean covered with whitecaps  This is a symbol of the unending availability of everything ever needed for life and experience, emphasized subjectively through the tireless anticipations of the human soul. Implicit in the symbolism is the necesity for giving direction to the restlessness of an over-all consciousness in which man’s immortal being is cradled, and for channeling this into a manifestation of personal energy.

The current retrograde Pisces Neptune is making things confusing for many on this planet at this time as it is almost exactly squaring the Nodal Axis. The image of an ocean covered with whitecaps can feel at this time for many of us like we are splashing and trying to keep our head above water, surrounded by a vast ocean we dimly understand and do not appreciate the full magnitude of. Disillusionment and denial of disillusionment abound. Spiritual discernment and discernment in general is a needed practice at this time. Discernment at this time is like an expert swim stroke.

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