Super Pisces Full Moon


Morris Graves, The Moon and the Sea (1941)

The Full Moon on September 8 is another Super Moon, meaning that the Moon will be as close to Earth as it gets in orbit, appearing larger in our sky, having a more extreme impact on the tides of our water, and looming larger in our consciousness as well (the term Super Moon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle and can refer to either a New Moon or Full Moon).  This Pisces Full Moon is also the traditional Harvest Moon in the northern hemisphere, meaning it is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox.  This is the fifth and final Super Moon of 2014, and the third “Super” Full Moon in a row (July 12 and August 10, 2014 were also Full Super Moons): a time to reap insights from this past year of experiences before we head into the eclipse season of October 2014.

This Full Moon will be stirring up the lunar waters of our emotions and perceptions in the second decan of Pisces (there are three decans, ten degrees each, in the thirty degrees of each sign in the zodiac).  In the recently published 36 Faces, Austin Coppock discerned a core concept of Pisces II: integrating into our material realm the spiritual insights and ideals found in the seeker’s plunge into the deep:

Here the central concept is how to reconcile one’s understandings of the true nature of reality with the world-as-it-is. It is thus a face of finding harmony with apparent reality of things while living and embodying one’s ideals . . . This is the phase in which we are challenged to reconcile beliefs, ideals and the way things are. The result of this successful reconciliation is “Happiness,” which the associated Nine of Cups takes as its name in The Book of Thoth. The result of an inability to reconcile one with the other, will, however, yield the inverse- misery, the state of one for whom there is no harmony between their inner and outer (p. 251-52).

During 2014 we have had many transits correlating to a greater capacity to go within and explore the subterranean world of our unconscious, our deep-set patterns, and all the gems and ghosts within our psyche.  If we have done the hard work of connecting to our true ideals we may feel shocked when re-entering the world at large and not sensing an outlet or receiver for the cherished beliefs we unearthed, the vision resonate with our more fully realized self.  A Super Moon illuminating the polarity of the Pisces and Virgo axis in the Pisces II decan is like wading out of the ocean under a starry sky ablaze with the glow of a luminous white Moon, feeling aglow with an inexpressible sense of pure being as we take our first steps onto moist sand that turns drier with each step back toward land and away from water.

As the insights into the divine or the eternal we received in our oceanic sojourn are essentially inexpressible or impossible to be captured in a true form, the importance at this time is what we do exactly with the presence we have felt within and how we integrate what we have sensed of the profound into our mundane daily reality.  If we deny ourselves our blissful yearning, if we choose to focus on the realistic, secure, and safe direction instead of risking faith in the unknown beckoning us from our depths, we run the risk of living an unfulfilled life that no level of material security may remedy.  And yet this is the crux of this potent lunation, as the Virgo to the Pisces going on wants us to integrate what we have managed to perceive beyond the boundaries of our consensus societal reality into this same society whose folly we can see through.

Jupiter is a key at this time to help us intuit how to function in our world, as Jupiter is a ruler of the second decan of Pisces in addition to ruling the sign of Pisces traditionally.  Jupiter is in Leo at the time of the Harvest Full Moon, and this fiery Jupiter that wants us to creatively actualize our destiny is holding intense aspects to two mythic figures rooted in harvest equinox time:  Pluto and Ceres.  As a result, we likely have attachments that we will have to release, crippling inner fears that must be made aware to be overcome.  There could be a sacrificial element in all of this in which we must willingly or unwillingly release what is no longer useful to the future that is calling us forward, to which we feel we must surrender.

Neptune and Amphitrite

Amphitrite and Neptune, 16th Century French, Lead

Many modern astrologers believe that Neptune in Pisces, and not Jupiter in Leo, is ruling this Full Moon. No matter what your astrological belief, however, Neptune in Pisces looms large at this time, as Venus in Virgo is opposite it.  In fact, Neptune in Pisces has been integral to the entire waxing Moon we have been experiencing, as the last New Moon in Virgo was opposite Neptune.  While Neptune enjoys itself in Pisces, Venus has not been known to have such a rollicking time in Virgo and in fact has been given the label of being in its “fall” in Virgo.  This is because Virgo is seen as a mental sign of critical discrimination that may not be open to all of the pleasure that Venus has to offer.  But while Virgo may be seen by some as too judgmental and too much of a perfectionist for the good of Venus, we also find here in the fertile Virgin the ultimate spiritual receptacle capable of receiving the full expanse of the illumination available at this time.

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces at a time of the Sun in Virgo being opposite a Pisces Moon of great gravity brings with it the issue of reality versus illusion, and spiritual discernment versus spiritual delusion.   Everything depends upon the quality of one’s consciousness at this time and one’s capacities of perception:  some could experience an epiphany whereas others could find themselves lost in a fog of illusion.   Going within, getting away from the associations overwhelming your everyday reality, re-connecting with your source inside of yourself, all of these are ways to help you figure out what is really brewing in between your gut, heart, and mind.  Venus in Virgo can help us with discernment, but we also do not want to discriminate to such a degree that we cut ourselves off from desires connected to us getting more in touch with our authentic self because of a judgmental sense that these desires are not realistic, practical, or capable of manifesting for us in our reality at this time.  This is tricky terrain with no easy answers, so do not take the easy way out.  Connecting with your authentic nature, actualizing more of your core calling, is not only good for you, it is good for all of us.

Along these lines this intensity between Virgo and Pisces is amplified to the highest extremes by Chiron in Pisces being conjunct the Full Moon and opposite the Virgo Sun. In combination with Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces, there is an electrical charge to the atmosphere at this time instigating flashes of insight into the entire collective story swirling around all of us, including not only the full arch of this epic storyline across time but also how exactly we are fitting into it in this moment of now.  Yes, Chiron is associated with wounds and we may have a gaping wound of our psyche exposed at this time. Yes, Chiron is associated with unflinching heroism, and we may seize the opportunity to take a courageous stand against the sickening oppression saturating our collective.  Yes, Chiron is associated with healing, and we may suddenly notice something in our environment at this time that is the exact remedy capable of nurturing our needs or injuries.  It may be an overplayed storyline that we are all connected but it is nonetheless true, and we can now more easily feel the inter-connectivity of all and the resulting significance of every daily choice we make contributing at least a small ripple to the wider tides.

amaranth by leo kenney

Amaranth by Leo Kenny

If one opens perception to the asteroid goddesses, there is a Grand Water Trine occurring at this Full Moon between Juno in Cancer, Saturn conjunct Vesta in Scorpio, and the Full Moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces.  This triangular circuit is a mainline into the undercurrents and emotional atmosphere of our surroundings and beyond into the greater collective consciousness of this time.  As there has been a lot of darkness and despair in current events, it would be wise to focus on self-care to purify and nourish our sense of self so that negativity around us does not lead us to turn it on ourselves.  It will please Juno to withdraw for a time in order to develop a greater capacity to return to relationships with a renewed ability to nurture, and Vesta collaborating with Saturn in Scorpio is not going to want us to be in denial of where our focus truly needs to be directed at this time.  All together these aspects align well with the earlier stated intent of this Full Moon in Pisces being about integrating our ideals in some way into our environment.  If we cut ourselves off from our ideal, from that cherished person, desire, or belief that makes us feel alive, these same aspects could make us spin out in despair. We need to use the supreme sustaining power of Vesta and Saturn in Scorpio to find a way to bring our dreams into our reality in whatever way we can right now.

A fortuitous ally in this pursuit will be Pallas Athena, who is joining her supreme creative intelligence with Mercury in the sign of Libra.  This Pallas Athena-Mercury conjunction has a lot of aspects at this Full Moon:  opposite Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn, sextile Jupiter in Leo, opposite the South Node of the Moon in Aries, and conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Libra.  Mercury and Venus are having somewhat of an affair at this time, as they are in the mutual receptivity of Venus being in the sign ruled by Mercury and Mercury being in the sign ruled by Venus.  Add in the crafty Pallas Athena to the equation and we have a mix that can help us strategize a creative use of our spiritual perceptions, as both Mercury and Pallas Athena can perceive in between worlds.  Since the material world may seem to be operating on a more distasteful wavelength than the vibe of our desired vision, we may need to be assertively evoke Pallas Athena to preside over the manifestation of our ideal:

Female and male, the arts of war are thine,
Fanatic, much-formed dragoness, divine:
Over the Phlegrean giants, roused to ire,
Thy coursers driving, with destruction dire.
Sprung from the head of Jove, of splendid mien,
Purger of evils, all-victorious queen.
Hear me, O Goddess, when to thee I pray,
With supplicating voice both night and day,
And in my latest hour, give peace and health,
Propitious times, and necessary wealth,
And, ever present, be thy votaries aid,
O, much implored, art’s parent, blue-eyed maid.

–from the Orphic Hymn to the Goddess Athena

We will need Pallas Athena to lend all of her dynamic power to a Mercury in Libra that can move between worlds to unite us with our beloved in the form of a Venus in Virgo receiving emanations from Neptune, because we must face the crisis and catharsis associated with Pluto in Capricorn.  For many of us this is the power structure surrounding us and the constraints and impositions of hierarchical societal systems that do not seem to be open to us pursuing our yearnings and instead seem to want to enslave us through needs to pay off debts, rents, bills, and so on.  Coming in for additional support, however, are a couple of heavyweights who know how to handle Pluto:  Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries.  At the time of the Full Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are beginning to enter a trine of Fire, and though Mercury, Pallas Athena, and Uranus are all square to Pluto, the Sun and Full Moon hold harmonious aspects to the Lord of the Underworld.  All together these are yet another sign that we can have the ability at this time to ignite ourselves from within and configure a way to integrate more of our ideals into our reality.

morris graves offering

Offering by Morris Graves, 1957

All of the Scorpio energy in recent times seems to be heavy on the hearts of many: Ceres, Vesta, Saturn, and Mars all in Scorpio, with Ceres tightly in a square to Jupiter in Leo at the moment.  Jupiter is also inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and so our desire to integrate our ideals or insights into our society at this time will be difficult, it will mean we have to release attachments and suffer losses, but it is entirely possible.  There has been a piercing quality to this energy making it difficult if not impossible to be in denial of our core feelings or hide from the truth being revealed about the identity for ourselves we have been fixated upon.  However, Mars is now entering the end of the final decan of Scorpio, giving us a final period of time to root ourselves further into our deepest soul desires.  The more we can connect with our authentic desires with the aid of this luminous Full Moon, the better, for Mars next enters Sagittarius and by the end of September we will have a Grand Fire Trine of Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Leo to propel us forward with passion toward our ideal.

So much Scorpio energy could have been coinciding with fears of betrayal or being betrayed, grasping and clinging to attachments we are afraid we could lose.  And yet, in Scorpio we also find our capacity to release and regenerate, to enter a death of our old ego identity in order to rebirth a more fully realized self. For now, remember that dark times are necessary in order to fully savor the light, we must become aware of our fears to overcome our inner inhibitions, and we have to realize what we do not want in order to know what we do want.  And if you allow me to insert yet another cliche here, we are at a reaping time: so don’t fear the reaper.



Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces. Three Hands Press.

13 thoughts on “Super Pisces Full Moon

  1. This is an elegant and inspired musing on these energies and possibilities, Gray. Thank you. I’ll be reading through it several times, no doubt, and have already shared it with peeps. Blessings, Jamie

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  5. Excellent post, Gray. I am always blown away by your image choices, and, although much of the astrological-speak is beyond my conscious language/framework, I found many of your elaborations resonate deeply with my current introspective realizations accessed through painting and meditation. Thank you for sharing your passion here!

    • Thank you Amanda, I do spend time looking for images and sometimes cannot get fully going writing until I have found the ones that evoke what I want to say. I want to write in a way that is more accessible for you, and anyone else confused by my astrology references. I have thought of not including the astrology references, but I keep doing it because I feel it gives people who understand astrology an opportunity to see where I am pulling my writing from, and they may agree or disagree with my interpretation. I hope to start teaching astrology at some point, not sure through what means yet, and it is also important to me to write in a way that helps people understand instead of writing in a way that excludes anyone from understanding. I hope you let me know in the future if my writing becomes more comprehensible to you regarding astrology. I am glad you found meaning in what I wrote- I have been meaning to write to you because I thoroughly enjoyed your recent fairy tale post on the “Broken Pot,” and would have made a comment with my feeling regarding it but I was not in a good place for that last Friday. I am often drawn to myths and stories from India even though I know next to nothing about the culture, and so I’ve appreciated your posts referencing them. I also listened to a lot of the Stanislav Grof talk you posted and found it a savory and satisfying listen. Thank you so much for sharing that, and all of your work and passion as well. I would imagine you are an interesting painter. All my best, Gray

      • Hi Gray,

        What a delightful comment, it touched me deeply. I very much respect your passion for astrology and your willingness to dedicate yourself to the material, which is obvious in everything you write. As I said, I am no astrologer, but I still gleaned much from these elaborations. I imagine the astro-speak is of great use to deeper astro-adepts, and it will no doubt be of great use once you begin teaching. So, while I may not understand it all, I love that the WordPress community brings together a kaleidoscope of perspectives, the erudite and the intuitive, unique creations realized by standing on the shoulders of giants, by channeling Source, tending the creative fires and by looking within. The less and the more. Witnessing expansion of consciousness expressed in such a variety of symbols, stories, writing, colors, images, is all the more telling of the infinite Beauty of the Great Mystery. Thank you for your part in it.

        Also, thank you for your kind words about the Fairy Tale series as well. I am so glad you resonated with “The Broken Pot” and I would be delighted if you ever chose to comment on the Fairy Tales through the astrological lens. I could see it being a beautiful creative collaboration to experience them through your expansive astrological knowledge.

        Stay Well,

        PS. I’m obsessed with that Grof talk. H3nry is the man.

  6. Yes, I was thinking something similar. The sophistication of your ability to look at what is going on with the planets/luminaries/asteroids to paint, as someone above said, a layered and textured piece, lends itself to evoking rich response; touches those well-spring places from whence your own responses have been fashioned, in a way that allows we the readers to access those place in our own selves, more consciously – no matter, really, whether we fully grasp the significance of the astrological “chatter”.

    I remember how central to my engagement with the first post of yours I read the image you had selected was. I read your own and others’ comments on the power and suggestiveness of images…the care with which you hunt for just the right ones…..I think they take care of any shortfall those of us who read your pieces might have when it comes to exactly understanding all the astrological significations.

    And for those who are students of astrology, they offer a great tutorial!! and as was said above, are good practice for when you get round to teaching.

    If you were to remove the underpinning of the astrotalk, you would remove the devil in the detail (and you know we love that devil); you would be just another preacher postulating in an ego driven way….you can’t, I don’t think, encourage people to dig deep and face up with anything like the same assurance and persuasiveness as when it is made clear that it is the heavens talking – the dance of the illumined ones – not religiousified dogma or the spouting of belief system – because even “new age” dogma has become rote, rigid, cliche. When you act as a siphon, sucking in with eyes open, and feelers inward, and thoughtfully fashion your interpretation, you are accessing the collective patterning…as you say, if you lay out the bare bones of the astro-speak, then your thinking and commentary can be examined beyond slavish imbibing.

    I for one love to see how daring you are in expressing the deepest behest of what the heavens may implore us towards….it gives me courage, it solidifies my feeling/thinking that what I am flirting with on the peripheries of my dreams is valid, and important. I have become aware, for instance, since finding your blog, how often it is that I dream profound dreams around the full moon. I am sure that being conscious of this allows me to go places, unbridled, in my dreams, that afterwards, I can see not just as personal journey, but as the dance of opportunity and receptiveness which is all growth,and which has collective meaning, somehow, because it’s a reflection, it’s prompted by forces which can be mapped out there and within me.

    I had this really cool, fractured feeling series of dreams on the night of the full Pisces moon. Different in feel to anything I’ve dreamt before. I have written down and analysed (Jung influenced) my dreams for over 35 years; I have a developed a particular process. With this one, my psyche had gone so deep, into such uncharted territory, that I kept putting off writing the last, and most confronting one of the series…confronting, but it also melded aspects of 2 deep trauma based themes of my real life in that way that could ONLY happen in the chamber of a dream….the powerfulness of something resolved was VERY offputting……and so I was avoiding writing it down — just that last bit, till this morning. Reading your Pisces full moon piece yesterday gave me the nudge I needed not to neglect it. And of course, in the way of things…..the messages in the dream, while highly personal to me, also fit in the capsule of what you wrote about.

    • Thank you so much for your inspiring words. You comment gives me great pleasure, as I can know no greater validation or receive greater regard than being able to assist you or anyone in fostering the courage to validate their perceptions from dream consciousness, and to be able to gather the strength to write down and explore the meaning of a dream that integrated two separate trauma related themes of your life. I am so happy to hear that you chose to not avoid exploring this dream but instead bravely dove in. I gather you will alchemize something of significance for yourself in this process. I admire how you described this:
      “I dream profound dreams around the full moon. I am sure that being conscious of this allows me to go places, unbridled, in my dreams, that afterwards, I can see not just as personal journey, but as the dance of opportunity and receptiveness which is all growth,and which has collective meaning, somehow, because it’s a reflection, it’s prompted by forces which can be mapped out there and within me.”
      I saw the astrologer Mark Jones speak in Seattle earlier tonight and he brought up something I wish I had added to this post: Jupiter in Leo is currently conjunct the North Node of Neptune, and will remain so through September 15 or so. This is a perfect time to visualize your next creative steps and of visualizing a creatively actualized sense of Self that will not only bring you more alive but will as a result serve the higher good of our collective.
      all my best, Gray

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