The Song We Have Sung For Ourselves

I have not previously reblogged anything here, but in the spirit of the North Node of the Moon in Libra, I feel it important to spread this article to as many people as possible. I have been working with Chiron and feel deep resonance with this writing about him. Astrologer David Coleman in part delves into the discovery chart of Chiron, making me realize how this discovery chart is going to be experiencing a lunar nodal return connected with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. Also the writing here about Chiron’s meaning connects strongly to other current transits, including Jupiter in Leo in trine to Uranus in Aries, and their additional aspects with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. There is a substantive message to integrate in this article that cuts across time yet is also aligned with our current moment in time.

journeys in the astral light

ChironCave art from India, circa 2000 BC

 An exploration of Chiron

for Mateusz and Scorpia

“In the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People would emerge. They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps would take them to the elders, who they would ask to guide them on their journey. If the New People remain strong in their quest, the sacred drum will again sound its voice. There will be an awakening of the people, and the sacred fire will again be lit. At this time, the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One road is the road of greed and technology without wisdom or respect for life. This road represents a rush to destruction. The other road is spirituality, a slower path that includes respect for all living things…

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2 thoughts on “The Song We Have Sung For Ourselves

    • Thank you for taking the time and care to craft such a deep reflection and exploration of Chiron. I am very inspired by the message contained here. On a personal note, I enjoyed your storytelling and I have realized recently storytelling is something I want to re-connect with in my own writing in astrology.

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