Taurus Full Moon

full moon etching claude mellan

Full Moon engraving by Claude Mellan (1635) Paris

We say it is human nature to be attached, thinking of the bond between the mother and the child she births, the parents who focus on nurturing the development of the human being birthed into the world through their merging.  Yet although attachment and connectivity is a primal urge of humanity, there are many people who are abandoned, neglected, or abused as children, and do not experience an opportunity for full bonding with a parent.  This and other societal ills link to the separation polarizing our attachment, the separation we experience being released from our mother’s womb and ensuing need for bonding with someone or something in our environment.  The sign of Taurus connects to our hunger for security, and the forms of attachment we engage to feel secure and stable in an ever changing reality.  We become attached to ideas and feelings as well, thoughts and sensations that give us comfort, irregardless of whether or not our fixation on them is in our best interest.  For example, we can become attached to being depressed, attached to avoiding our passion, attached to numbing our pain and emotions through drugs, attached to escaping reality through popular culture, attached to being in denial of what will bring us happiness, attached to a life leaving us essentially unfulfilled.  Today we can see around us people more attached to their electronic connection to the world-wide web than their physical surroundings, parents fixated on their “screen connections” instead of their connection to the needs of their child.

We now experience a Taurus full Moon, the full phase of the lunar cycle that began with a solar eclipse in Scorpio aligned with Venus as well as Mercury stationing direct in the sign of the scales ruled by Venus.  No doubt if you like to read astrology posts on social media, you are hearing a lot about “integrating your authentic values” for this Taurus full Moon, and it is true that the Taurus archetype helps us find internal worth and stability instead of grasping for it in the external world.  However, in light of the Scorpio eclipse and Mercurial shifting that began this lunation cycle, this is an opportune moment to question why you think the “authentic values” that come to mind for you are the genuine article.  Be willing to question everything during the full light of this Taurus Moon, and you will open yourself to letting go and releasing the values that you have led yourself to believe in the past are essential to your nature.  Are they really?  What signs and symbols in your environment since Mercury stationed direct have emerged to give you guidance?  Who or what is getting in your face begging you to give second thought to your absolute fixation on having this or that particular value or attachment in your daily life?  If we can gain clarity for the real deal, the true values that will bring us genuine happiness and wealth, then going forward we can intend to ruminate our thoughts, circulate our feelings around desires arising from these values.  A lot of unconscious material could have been stirred up in the solar eclipse at our last new Moon, so keep in mind it is worthwhile to give further thought to what exactly “happiness” and “wealth” actually mean for you, as opposed to what you have gotten used to thinking they mean in your past.


Reflection by Karena Karras

Venus has not yet finished her underworld journey in Scorpio, and is getting closer each day to a union with Saturn that will occur on November 12: there will be crucial lessons to be uncovered within during this closing week of their cycle.  This heavy Scorpio pull into our depths is an intense facilitator for a pivotal aspect of this Full Moon:  the balsamic conjunction between Mars and Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars and Pluto will begin a new cycle in Capricorn on November 10, so this Taurus and Scorpio full lunation is illuminating our experiences with desire and the degree to which we have integrated the conscious and unconscious sides of our nature in the past two year cycle of Pluto and Mars.  In union the combined message is to courageously go deep within to sense what brings us alive with passion and joy, beyond the limitations and guarding of repression, guilt, and fear of judgment or abandonment.  The Capricorn archetype also links to the conditioning of our parents and surrounding culture from birth, and the manner in which our sense of self learned to adapt to find a sense of security and attachment within the values and expectations of our early environment.  In order to harmonize with the values or expectations cherished by our parents or surrounding culture, many of us adapt our personality interacting in the external world to an external conditioning that is not wholly connected to the internal conditions necessary for us to feel wholly passionate and joyful.

Our desires that come from Soul and connected with Self are too strong to completely repress, however, and so many of us learn to pursue our essential inner desires in secret.  Out of this fear of external judgment, we set up a dichotomy of acting in the culturally acceptable way in the outer world to gain acceptance, while inwardly or in secret we follow the desires burning from within and demanding expression. As Carl Jung and others have noted, when we completely ignore or deny our burning inner desires, these unconscious forces can erupt in our lives in the form of crises demanding that we finally pay attention.  Within the sixth of the seven ripening squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, this Full Moon in Taurus illuminating our interplay between the depth of Venus-Saturn and Mars-Pluto holds the potential for us to re-source our desire nature to reveal our whole Will we have previously given away to others, including outside power structures.

Furthermore, there are additional strong aspects from Leo to the Scorpio and Taurus activated at this Full Moon, with Jupiter in Leo in square to Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, and Juno in Leo in square to the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus.  In combination with the closing cycles of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, we can receive a message of how we have attempted to compensate for our fear of abandonment and separation by grasping for control over whatever we can control, whether that be people, non-human material, or thoughts.  A Taurus Full Moon invites us into the realm of Venus and what will bring us authentic pleasure and joy in our body.  Instead of remaining fixated on what you thought was bringing you happiness in the past, this Full Moon of Venus asks you to open to what is bringing you joy and happiness in the ever evolving moment, and to follow it.  Part of this is taking the risk to be vulnerable, part of this is expressing our needs to others and taking our essential needs seriously instead of a need to find acceptance in the dominant cultural paradigm.  Within what we previously thought would hold our disempowerment we may find what will make us feel powerful, while within what we previously thought was bringing us power we may realize was leading to our disempowerment.

The strong Leo energy interacting with the rest of the aspects of this Full Moon means there is something to be revealed about our personal destiny going forward if we are willing to listen.  This is not a time to feel guilty about the past or past decisions, but rather to reflect instead on modifications we can make in our life going forward that have been revealed to us through this past reflection.  This Full Moon aligns in the tropical zodiac with the cross-quarter holy days that occur in the middle of the fixed signs:  in the Southern Hemisphere this Full Moon is embedded within the blossoming of Full Spring, in the Northern Hemisphere this Full Moon lays within the clearing of Full Fall.  Open up the desires from within you have locked away, and there will be an opportunity to integrate these passions into manifestation in your future daily life.

sengai autumn moon

Sengai, Autumn Moon

Finally, with the North Node in Libra and Mercury moving direct again at the end of Libra, near the point of its inferior conjunction of the Sun, I would like to share a text I feel is connected to our current nodal axis of Uranus being conjunct the South Node in Aries, the North Node being in Libra, and the nodal rulers Mars and Venus entering into and out of intense dynamics.  The following is from The Chalice and The Blade by Riane Eisler that was published during the shifting times of the late 1980s, and connects to the dominant cultural paradigm many human beings have been attached to for centuries:

One result of re-examining human society from a gender-holistic perspective has been a new theory of cultural evolution. This theory, which I have called Cultural Transformation theory, proposes that underlying the great surface diversity of human culture are two basic models of society.

The first, which I call the dominator model, is what is popularly termed either patriarchy or matriarchy-  the ranking of one half of humanity over the other.  The second, in which social relations are primarily based on the principle of linking rather than ranking, may best be described as the partnership model.  In this model- beginning with the most fundamental difference in our species, between male and female- diversity is not equated with either inferiority or superiority.

While there is much more to this idea than the above quote, it goes to the heart of realizations that we can find in our daily interactions in our external environment and internal mind.  Namely, moving away from a focus on a need for power over something to a focus on the power that can be found in between authentic partnership.


17 thoughts on “Taurus Full Moon

  1. Honestly Gray..this is sooo brilliant. You’ve given new depth to the Taurean idea of attachment. I always knew, felt it., especially since I have a Scorpio sun in the second house opp sat/jupit in Taurus….8th
    I thought I’d known and lived that opposition with full comprehension, denial and experience.But not until today did I experience the truth of what to me have been life’s denial of what those attachment needs and desires have been and clearly really still are for me. The depth with which you speak about and illustrate things is so wonderful and so infectious…Thank you as always.Judie

    • Thank you, Judie- how interesting about your birth chart. Sounds like you know all about Taurus and Scorpio, what an amazing aspect having Scorpio Sun in second house opposite Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus in the 8th house . . . wow . . . As for me, I have been in a period of a progressed Taurus Sun and Mercury, and progressed Scorpio Moon so that is my main connection, though I do have in my natal chart a Taurus Juno opposite Scorpio Uranus.

      I am happy to hear about the great self-realization you have experienced recently.
      all my best,

  2. I wonder if that’s true..that Matriarchy was also a model of power over, or whether that perception is greatly coloured by how steeped we all are in the patriarchal model. Regardless, it is interesting to be confronted with how endemic is the pattern we all engage in; the need for security expressing in ways which assume a posture of power over. Recently at work, I have been objective enough about myself (I read something about the nature of my Pluto placement which really gave me pause: the comment was: you bring out the worst in people (Pluto in Leo in 12 a few degrees away from Ascendant)); and I’ve REALLy noticed how divisive I am: VERY Taurus Scorpio polarity (My nodes are Taurus Scorpio): If I don’t feel secure and comfortable because you do not share my values, then I will burn you, and tell myself a tale of injustice being perpetrated, or wax indignant one behalf of others….when really, in the context of how you have written about the current energies…it is the simplistic formula of power over and denying another’s reality, instead of partnering up. I am very keen to be more awake to myself in this arena: thank you for your perspective on all of this, Gray.

    • Thank you for writing such a deeply reflective comment. The way I interpreted “Chalice and the Blade” was she was saying that what has often been called “the Matriarchy” was more of a “Partnership model” its just from the “Dominator” paradigm there is a tendency to think it was a “power over” dynamic similar to “the Patriarchy.” It’s not like it is easy to do the sort of partnering you are mentioning, but I agree it is worth having the intention and making the effort. There is a lot for all of us in the current paradigm to reflect upon how we unwittingly enter into power dynamics even when are intention is to fight against injustice or oppression. Facilitating consensus decisions from the partnership perspective with larger groups of people I think is difficult, time consuming, and many eventually give up trying. Even in one to one interactions it can be challenging when we attempt to partner with someone who seems unwilling to work with us. I know I have been baffled myself in these situations, and recently have tended to focus on the relationships in which I am able to co-create the partnership dynamic. I think you make an important point about the necessity of being secure and comfortable within in order to facilitate successful partnerships.
      Thank you for your thoughts,

  3. i was just nodding my head constantly through this post: the *very best* essay I have read on this ‘polarity’ and attending sky energies *by far* and I am so grateful that you have articulated what I was attempting quite clumsily to grasp and know.
    a brilliant ‘keeper’ to come back to.

  4. Gray! This article is exceptional!! I always look forward to your posts, but there was something about this one… I felt like you really got underneath these transits and are looking at them with a quality of attunement and focus I haven’t seen from anyone else e.g. “question *why* you think the “authentic values” that come to mind for you are the genuine article”. This material has been so supportive today in a way that is confrontational to the architecture of my value and belief systems (gladly and necessarily) yet without feeling threatening. It reminds me of something that really stuck with me from my Shiatsu classes. With regard to the amount of theraputic pressure applied the response was: like pushing a child in a swing i.e. energy cultivated from one’s center that moves *through,* firmly and evenly. You did that here, and I’m so grateful for it.

    I hope you well. Love, Katherine

    • Thank you Katherine for sharing such magical imagery illustrating the help you received from my writing. It is validating to read this, as well as other comments I received on this post, because when I first began writing it I almost stopped myself from going forward because I was short on time and felt what I initially started writing wasn’t so good. I have been wanting to write in a more personal style with less astrological language, and I realized in this post as I let go of using the astrological language, fear arose in me that people would not get much out of more personal writing from me. It has been a growth experience to find people like yourself getting meaning from this type of writing from me, and gives me greater confidence in going further in this direction.
      It’s nice to hear from you, and I also hope that you are doing well.
      with love, Gray

  5. I’m getting a blow up of a NASA image of Mars on canvas to hang over my couch. There are so many great images… of Saturn, too, like abstracts of the moon and rings that look like some of Rothko’s best (earlier) works. Just fyi… I’m obsessed with some of the subtler photos.

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