Mercury cazimi in Scorpio


Storm Cloud, Lake George (1923) by Georgia O’Keeffe

Mercury at the heart of the Sun in Scorpio

Mercury forms its superior conjunction with the Sun on 27 October 2016 at 4°42′ Scorpio.  The superior conjunction occurs when Mercury is moving swiftly through the zodiac on the far side of the Sun in orbit, aligning with Earth in a straight line with regards to the degree of the zodiac.  The superior conjunction of Mercury always occurs when Mercury is moving direct, in contrast to the inferior conjunction of Mercury that occurs when Mercury is retrograde and slowly moving in between the Earth and the Sun in orbit.  While Mercury retrograde in conjunction with the Sun corresponds with an intensely deep, subterranean turn within for insight, the superior conjunction of Mercury in contrast signifies a blazing flow of illumination that can bring about an epiphany of realization as long as we do not become overwhelmed in our flight of mind like an over eager Icarus.

Mercury uniting with the Sun in Scorpio brings penetrating awareness into the underlying emotional dynamics of our present circumstances.  Mercury has more difficulty in water signs in terms of being able to clearly articulate all of its perceptions, as Mercury in water signs picks up on feelings and messages that go beyond words.  Poetry, music, art, and other creative forms of expression enable Mercury in water signs to convey more of the meaning it receives, and sometimes a look or knowing presence is all Mercury in a water sign needs to do in order to transmit profound insight.  Emotions take center stage with Scorpio, and while the water element allows Mercury in Scorpio to dissolve blockages and merge with external sources, its fixed nature can make it stubborn, unbending, and controlling.  When Mercury in Scorpio lets go of needing to ensure it securely has whatever it desires within its grasp, it gains the non-attachment needed to take full advantage of its ability to discern between those who are being honest or dishonest and not only unveil the personal truth of its situation but directly communicate its truth to others.

Mercury at the heart of the Sun in Scorpio can be especially powerful in terms of picking up essential information about our relationships due to the surrounding astrological aspects today.  Mars, the ruler of Scorpio is in Capricorn and applying to a square with Uranus, signifying that unexpected shocks as well as liberating revelations could enter awareness.  Venus in Sagittarius is especially active, having recently formed a square with Neptune in Pisces and a mutually received sextile with Jupiter in Libra, and now applying to a conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius.  All together, these surrounding aspects are exposing any fantasies and over idealized perceptions we have been fixated upon in our relationships.  By being willing to embrace our honest feelings about our present relationships, the Mercury cazimi in Scorpio can not only help us penetrate into our essential truth and feelings but also help us directly communicate whatever we need to state about our needs and desires to those we are in relationship with.

The last time Mercury was at the heart of the Sun was during its retrograde in Virgo on 12 September 2016. This was a potent inferior conjunction of Mercury in between eclipses that also formed a catalytic square with Mars in Sagittarius.  Following this inferior conjunction, Mercury stationed direct and reappeared at dawn as a Morning Star, a phase Mercury has remained in since then up until now.  The superior conjunction of Mercury marks the transition of Mercury shifting from its Morning Star phase into its Evening Star phase.  Whereas the Morning Star Mercury is active with curiosity and ambitiously focused upon goals in worldly affairs, the Evening Star Mercury is more reflective, discerning, and attuned with how our bodily senses integrate messages from our environment.  Mercury will not be visible as an Evening Star until around 23 November 2016 when it forms a conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius and sextile with Jupiter in Libra.

The exact alignment of Mercury with the Sun, known as being cazimi or at the heart of the Sun, is special because although Mercury is not visible in the sky its entry into the heart of the Sun places it in the throne of our Solar Light, strengthening all of its Mercurial significations.  Mercury is traditionally considered to become invisible or “under the beams” when it gets fifteen degrees away from the Sun- this happened on 6 October 2016. Once Mercury gets within eight degrees of the Sun it is considered “combust” and somewhat weakened in its ability to manifest its significations due to it undergoing a purifying, regenerative near death experience in the symbolic flames of the Sun.  Mercury went combust around 15 October 2016 at the time of the Full Moon in Aries that was conjoining Uranus.  Since that time our Mercurial perceptions have been going through a period of having past patterns burned off, and while this doesn’t mean we haven’t been able to communicate or interpret meaning effectively, it does mean that getting in touch with the concept of Mercury finishing a cycle can help one flow better with the energy similar to being aware of the difference in experiencing a Dark Moon as opposed to a First Quarter Moon.

The first mention of Mercury being at the heart of the Sun was in the era of Hellenistic astrology, and astrologers such as Rhetorius of Egypt declared that the significations of Mercury become greatly strengthened once it is within one degree of the Sun.  Later astrologers in the medieval period asserted that Mercury needs to be within 16 minutes of the Sun by degree because 16 minutes is one half of the Sun’s apparent size of 32 minutes. On a practical level I have found that the one degree boundary works well in defining a window in which Mercury is strengthened, but if you want to get most exact about it focus on the time period in which Mercury is within 16 minutes of a conjunction with the Sun (in the Pacific time zone, this will be roughly between Midnight and 7 pm on 27 October 2016). Mercury at the heart of the Sun is a magical moment in its synodic cycle, a time of the rebirth of the Mercury archetype in our life.  We can receive vital realization or new conception concerning our present state of being, so making the space during the cazimi time period to center,  ground, and attune within is a fertile, fruitful choice today.


Starlight Night, Lake George (1922) by Georgia O’Keeffe

Mercury within 16 minutes of the Sun in Scorpio for cazimi effect:

Pacific standard time  * 12 am – 7 pm *  27 October 2016  [exact 9:44 am]

Eastern standard time *  3 am – 10 pm * 27 October 2016  [exact 12:44 pm]

British Summer time * 8 am (27 October) [exact 5:44 pm] – 3 am (28 October)

Central European time * 9 am (27 October) [exact 6:44 pm] – 4 am (28 October)

Australian Eastern Standard time  * 5 pm (27 October) – 12 pm (28 October) [exact 2:44 am]

12 thoughts on “Mercury cazimi in Scorpio

  1. Hi Gray, that’s interesting that you chose those images of Georgia O’Keefe’s of Lake George. I’ve only ever been to Lake George once…..but it was an intense once. I was 15, on a school trip. It was one of the most spiritually intense experiences I have ever had of “Nature”. Her paintings capture unimaginably well what I felt standing at the Lake’s edge. I’ve never seen those two paintings of hers before. i feel like seeing them has plumbed a line straight down into some illuminated place in myself that I don’t often get to go to: thanks: thanks for the time alert for Australia as well!!! I am sitting in the middle of the 7 hour time frame!

    • Thank you for sharing all of that Genevieve. I’ve never been to Lake George but love the power of it captured by Georgia O’Keeffe. It is interesting the types of perception that can be sparked by art, which is what I was trying to explain in my post about Mercury in water signs. I have Mercury in Pisces and do select art and images with careful intention regarding what is happening in astrology, and I get the sense it is one aspect of my articles people like the most. Georgia O’Keeffe was born with Mercury in Scorpio- however, it is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in range of conjunction to her Sun but not cazimi- it is more like combust- proof that having a combust Mercury does not limit your communication skills- however, in her case I do believe it suggests the depth of her expression and transmitting a sort of death element of Creation and Nature. Not only that, her Moon is also conjunct her Mercury retrograde in Scorpio- so she was born in a Scorpio New Moon conjoining Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. She really has one of the most fascinating birth charts to me.

      Hopefully you have had some important illumination come through you from the images of Lake George!

      • well now I have goosebumps, having read Beckstone’s comment, about being challenged to get back into the field of work she loves. I came home Soooooo drained from work yesterday: I constantly wrestle with how much I don’t like how I am earning money; I try to suck it up (ozzie expression) (suck it up Princess is what my boss often says to me) – I try to build robust borders around just how incredibly impressionable and over-receptive I am (Mars in Pisces in 7???) (I’m a 9): but I’m caught in my reactivity before I know it. I was thinking in response to your hope (and my own musing last night re. how much better I felt at the end of the day than at the beginning) that I need to replenish myself more regularly with the spirit that comes through in the mountains, very specifically, I’ve realized WATER which runs through mountains. I live by the Southern Ocean – which is wild and pristine, but it just doesn’t do it for me…….dare to want, dare to go for it!!! Nourish the deeper self. Thanks, Gray, as well, for all that info on Georgia O’Keefe – what an incredible individual.

  2. Thanks Gray for this wonderful post on Mercury. I love the pictures as well as the Artist and subject matter. My extended family owns large acreage in Lake George having acquired it in the 1930s the time when Georgia O’Keefe worked there. I love her work and I love the setting. I also want to thank you for your very informative post. Mercury is very powerful in me at this moment as I challenge my self to get back into work in the field I LOVE. Jung and The Red Book.

    • How wonderful you must have been able to spend time at Lake George! You are the second person to comment on this who has a personal connection to Lake George. I’ve never been there, but love how its beauty is captured by Georgia O’Keeffe. I hope you are doing well and coming into vital insights with Mercury today!

  3. I was reading this blog yesterday while at work, ten minutes south of Lake George. We had the first snowfall of the season, and it was heavier than expected! Such an omen. It felt purifying, refreshing, and pepperminty – not like the heat I associate for some reason with a Superior Conjunction.

    • Amazing! So the third time’s the charm and we have hit the magic number of three different people commenting on this article about their personal experience with Lake George. It sounds wondrous indeed that the first snowfall fell with Mercury cazimi in Scorpio. I love that you got the purifying and refreshing sense in correspondence. Peppermint and Mercury cazimi- why not?
      Best, Gray

      • In fact, the more I think about peppermint as far as its medicinal properties, the more I think it fits with Mercury cazimi. At least, I like peppermint tea and other infusions as far as it calming my nerves yet at the same time having a stimulating quality, and that it also helps with digestion. To me all of these same correspondences go with Mercury cazimi, being a time of stimulating digestion of all past experiences in the moment.

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