Secondary Progressions Course

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Story Cycles: A Course in Secondary Progressions

I’m excited to announce a six week course on secondary progressions beginning on November 7 and running through December 12, 2020.

Secondary progressions are known as one of the most important cycles of personal development in astrology, especially in terms of exploring the trajectory of our life narrative and predicting key turning points in our story. In case you are unfamiliar, secondary progressions are based upon the symbolic correspondence between our experience of one solar day and one solar year. This is based upon the ancient concept of the part equaling the whole and how bringing awareness to the part can illuminate the whole.

With secondary progressions we are engaging a symbolic equivalence between our experience of a solar day with the Sun rising, culminating and setting with our experience of a solar year and the Sun moving through all of the signs of the zodiac along the ecliptic from our geocentric perspective. As a result, when calculating a secondary progressed chart for someone turning thirty years old, you are essentially casting a chart based upon thirty days after their birth.

Regarding our overall life story, tracking and reflecting upon secondary progressions can help with figuring out what part of someone’s life story they are in right now. From the vaster whole of our entire life narrative, we can come into deeper relationship with what part or chapter of the overall story we are in. As a result, secondary progressions can be potent for reflecting upon past experiences as well as helping you in writing the next chapter of your life.

The natal chart is a living symbol of the moment we are born into, yet it’s common for people to conceive of their natal chart as something static with fixed aspects between the planets. Rather than the frozen moment of our birth, secondary progressions tap us into not only the moment of birth but where that moment is moving within all of the cycles between planets. For example, you may be born with a waxing crescent Moon in your natal chart but through secondary progressions you will live through all of the phases of the Moon.

Considering secondary progressions is important because the nature of one’s present secondary progressions will significantly alter interpretation of transits and any other timing technique you are using. It also brings a different perspective from solely focusing on the natal chart, transits, and timing techniques.

In addition, since the lunar phases of the Moon and the solar phases of each planet are essential to pay attention to with secondary progressions, as an added bonus you will gain knowledge regarding the synodic cycle of each planet with the Sun through this course.

“Story Cycles: A Course in Secondary Progressions” will occur weekly on Saturdays from 10 am until 12 pm in Pacific standard time. I will cover a different aspect of secondary progressions each week in this two hour class through a live Zoom meeting that will be recorded for all participants to download, whether you can attend it live or not. There will be supplementary material given as well as homework assignments.

There will also be a one hour session on Tuesdays from 6 – 7 pm in which I will answer questions from course participants through a Zoom meeting. This session will also be recorded for all participants to download and view at your convenience.

Total cost: $300 (payment plans are possible: contact me at to discuss options)

Course Schedule:

  1. Saturday, November 7 (10 am – 12 pm PST)
    • The Sun in Secondary Progressions. We will cover a general introduction to secondary progressions and the meaning of the Sun within secondary progressions. Special attention will be given to the movement of the Sun by secondary progression across different houses of the natal chart with examples.
  2. Saturday, November 14 (10 am – 12 pm PST)
    • The Moon in secondary progressions. We will cover the meaning of the Moon within secondary progressions, it’s timing, and the significance of it changing house and sign as well as element and modality. Special attention will be given to the progressed lunar phases created by the relationship between the progressed Moon and the progressed Sun. We will explore the meaning of each progressed lunar phase with examples for discussion.
  3. Tuesday, November 17 (6 – 7 pm PST)
    • Live question and answer session covering the Sun and Moon
  4. Saturday, November 21 (10 am – 12 pm PST)
    • Mercury in secondary progressions. We will cover the meaning of Mercury changing house and sign in the natal chart as well as element and modality. Special attention will be given to understanding the synodic cycle of Mercury and the progressed solar phases involving the relationship between Mercury and the Sun. In particular we will explore the meaning of Mercury stationing retrograde, it’s retrograde phase, and stationing direct by progression.
  5. Tuesday, November 24 (6 – 7 pm PST)
    • Live question and answer session covering Mercury.
  6. Saturday, November 28 (10 am – 12 pm PST)
    • Venus in secondary progressions. We will cover the meaning of Venus changing house and sign in the natal chart as well as element and modality. Special attention will be given to understanding the synodic cycle of Venus and its meaning within secondary progressions. We will also explore the meaning of Venus retrograde in secondary progressions.
  7. Tuesday, December 1 (6 – 7 pm PST)
    • Live question and answer session covering Venus.
  8. Saturday, December 5 (10 am – 12 pm)
    • Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto by secondary progression. We will cover the meaning of Mars and the planets beyond Mars in secondary progression. We will explore the synodic cycles of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn and the significance of them stationing retrograde or direct by progression. We will spend more time on Mars than the planets beyond Mars due to Mars being more dynamic by secondary progression due to it moving faster than the planets beyond it in orbit.
  9. Tuesday, December 8 (6 – 7 pm PST)
    • Final live question and answer session
  10. Saturday, December 12 (10 am – 12 pm PST)
    • Final project presentations and final summary. This class will be an opportunity for participants who wish to present a final project about what they have learned regarding their life story through reflecting upon their experience of secondary progressions. Time will be given for feedback and questions about each presentation.

To register and pay for the course you may pay through the “pay button” below, or send me an email to to set up payment with me directly.

Story Cycles: A Course in Secondary Progressions

Six week course on Secondary Progressions taught by Gray Crawford.


There will also be a discount for the course provided for those who support my work on my Patreon page. Take a look to see the benefits you will receive as a patron.


Mercury Cycles podcast interview on Holes to Heaven

Holes to Heaven title card - Mercury Cycles

I was interviewed by Adam Sommer on May 23, 2019 for his Holes to Heaven podcast about Mercury cycles. We talk about Mercury’s synodic cycle and how to begin applying its phases to the secondary progressed chart.

If you become more interested in Mercury in the secondary progressed chart, I have a recording available to purchase from my site in the “store” section from UAC 2018. It’s called “The Light and Shadow of Mercury in the Secondary Progressed Chart,” and I will send you a copy of the slides as well. It’s much more clear how to use it with more details and examples than we were able to provide in this podcast.

I’m also available to give you a consultation about Mercury in your secondary progressed chart if you would like to get deeper with its meaning in your life.

Click below to listen:


May 9 Lecture for Washington State Astrological Association

WSAA Mercury lecture image

The Light and Shadow of Mercury in the Secondary Progressed Chart

Thursday 9 May 2019

7:30 pm

For those in the Seattle area, I’ll be giving a talk for the Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA) about the meaning of Mercury in the Secondary Progressed Chart on Thursday, May 9. The talk begins at 7:30 pm and will end at 9 pm. Click here for more information about how to order tickets as well as become a member of the WSAA.

The main focus of the talk is illustrating how to break down Mercury’s movement within the secondary progressed chart into different phases of its synodic cycle, similar to how Dane Rudhyar developed his lunation phase model using secondary progressions. For example, we will be exploring the meaning of having Mercury by secondary progressions direct as a Morning Star, invisible under the beams of the Sun, or stationing retrograde as an Evening Star.

I gave this talk at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in 2018 and it was well received. I heard from many people afterward that it changed the way they work with the secondary progressed chart for the better and gave them a powerful new tool to use in consultations. For those who do not live in the Seattle area, I have a recording of my UAC lecture available to purchase from my site under the “Store” category above for $14. I will also send you a copy of the slideshow presentation if you order the talk.

Lecture Description:

The changeable nature of Mercury is found in its synodic cycle and its shifts between being direct and retrograde.  The meaning of Mercury’s cycles will be applied to the secondary progressed chart, where Mercury’s movement across a lifetime demarcates vital periods of personal development.

Gray will explain how to interpret the shift of progressed Mercury from being direct to retrograde and vice versa, and what to pay attention to in relation to the natal chart.

Meetings for the Washington State Astrological Association are held at the Puget Sound Yacht Club located at 2321 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103.

In addition, the NORWAC conference in Seattle is coming at the end of May in the Seattle area. I will be speaking at NORWAC this year, and so if you are coming to the conference I  hope to see you there!