Chiron in the Flood of Pisces

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Chiron in Pisces: Mediator of Water

  • Chiron stationed retrograde at 14 degrees Pisces on June 17, 2013.
  • Chiron and Neptune have been widely conjunct during the first half of 2013 in Pisces, and will remain together within a wider orb of nine degrees for the next year.  Chiron and Neptune began their current cycle in 2009 when they were exactly conjunct at 27 degrees of Aquarius.
  • Neptune in Pisces is trine Saturn in Scorpio and both are retrograde.  Saturn will be the first to station direct on July 7, 2013.
  • Mercury will station retrograde on June 26 conjunct Venus in Cancer.  Mercury will station direct on July 19   at 14 degrees Cancer in trine to Chiron in Pisces.

Chiron is the teacher and the healer of our inner Hero, the guide to our Hero’s journey.  It is common to limit discussion of Chiron in astrological circles as “the wounded healer,” and while there is truth to that statement, there is also more to Chiron than a healer with a wound.  The Chiron archetype will be an important guide for us during the Summer of 2013 in between the Pluto-Uranus square of May 2013 and the upcoming square of November 2013.  There is a fascinating connection between Chiron and the current Pluto-Uranus cycle because in the mid-1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo, Chiron was not only in Pisces, it was in the same vicinity of Pisces as it is now.

Just as the square between Pluto and Uranus connects the current time period with events of the 1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct, so does the transit of Chiron in Pisces.  There was even a grand water trine in 1966 when Pluto and Uranus were in range of being conjunct and Chiron was in Pisces, with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Pisces, and Neptune in Scorpio.  Although this 1966 trine had seven degrees separating Scorpio Neptune from Pisces Saturn and Cancer Jupiter, and so not nearly as significant as the grand water trine happening this Summer with the Pluto-Uranus square happening, it is still a fascinating parallel of the same planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune) being in the three water signs, with Chiron strongly in Pisces amid an intense aspect between Pluto and Uranus.  In the Autumn of 1966 Chiron was conjunct Saturn in Pisces: it’s interesting to ponder how differences between the mid to late 1960s and our current time period could correspond to the differences between Saturn in Pisces with Neptune in Scorpio from Saturn in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces.   Although there is more and more talk of the Age of Aquarius, we really are still in the Age of Pisces today.  The idea of an approaching Age of Aquarius first took hold of mass consciousness in a big way in the 1960s when Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo, and during this time period in which they were in range of a conjunction in Virgo, Chiron at times was in range of an opposition to their alignment in the sign of Pisces.  Now that Chiron has returned to this same area of Pisces as the first quarter square between Pluto and Uranus is occurring from that alignment, it makes me think of Chiron in Pisces being a very important archetype in the shift of the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Chiron in Pisces today is holding more harmonious aspects to the Pluto-Uranus intensity, forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn and a semi-sextile to Uranus in Aries.  This time period of collective upheaval can be viewed in large extent through the socially liberating energy of Uranus in Aries being in conflict with the energy of Pluto in Capricorn, which has a shadow side of control and manipulation from the dominating power structure.  With Neptune, the planet of illusion, being in the sign of Pisces that can also connect with illusion, it brings the potential for the dominating power structure to attempt to use Neptunian illusions in order to ward off the force of collective liberation that could come with the Uranus in Aries energy.  In the recent news cycle in the USA for example, we can see the veil of our national media removed and that our major news services are commiserate with the power structure as they attempt to spin the coverage of the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden away from an investigation into the actual issue into more of a criminality case against Snowden.  In general, all one has to do is turn on cable television or pick up a copy of a product of the national corporate “journalism” services to find a gluttony of superficial coverage of celebrity scandals, arguments between political “adversaries” that are not even offering solutions to argue about,  and other gossip more than investigative coverage of any of the actually important news events occurring.  It is further interesting that in the USA we have a Pisces Chiron in the White House, as President Obama has a Chiron in Pisces and experienced his Chiron return during his re-election to his second term in office.  It doesn’t take of course an astrology analysis of Chiron to realize President Obama is facing and incredibly complex, intense, wounding, and karmic situation at the moment as being the figurehead leader of the USA during current events, but it is a further interesting astrological layer of the current situation to observe.

On a personal level, the societal upheaval on an economic, political, and structural level has the potential to increase fear and anxiety within individuals, making each person more open to being manipulated on an unconscious level by power players in control of media and mass distribution of information.  This has been especially the case during the last year with Chiron and Neptune conjunct in Pisces, because these archetypes combined magnetise the issues of duality connected with the Pisces archetype that has been such a strong influence during the Age of Pisces.  This duality is connected to the symbolism of the two fish connected by a silvery cord, one fish standing for the “lower nature” of our ego personalities, the other fish standing for the “higher nature” of our Soul that incarnated into our current form.

One reason Pisces have the stereotype applied to them of being addicts and escapists is that it can be even harder for Pisceans than others to escape awareness of their Soul, no matter how much they try to hide from it through drugs and other various escapist activities.  Pisces is also often the target of the “victim” and “martyr” labels, and again this can come from a sense of their timeless Soul nature that can lead to an illusory perception of being trapped in their physical form on the planet, with so many difficult and destructive forces surrounding them in three dimensional consensus reality.  And so while Pisces energy can go along with feeling a sense of connection to Soul, it also has the duality of a sense of separation from Soul and Source, which further increases Piscean tendencies for illusionary pursuits that further contribute to a sense of separation from Source, Spirit, God, . . .  This is one area in which Chiron, a half human and half animal grounded in the physical earth plane, can help us shift our perspective toward seeing the magic around us in our physical form and environment, and that everything we are experiencing and seeing also is connected with the same divine Source.

The previous conjunction cycle between Chiron and Neptune in the 20th Century occurred during great world calamity, toward the end of World War II after the United States of America dropped atomic bombs on Japan to force a surrender (September of 1945 at 6 degrees of Libra).  Chiron and Neptune’s latest cycle began in 2009 when they were conjunct at 27 degrees of Aquarius, another period of global conflict that had some connections to the global power status the United States of America claimed during the previous conjunction between Chiron and Neptune.  Many astrologers connected the conjunction between Chiron and Neptune toward the end of Aquarius with the Age of Aquarius that could be felt approaching at a distance, but a further interesting connection with this section of the zodiac and Neptune is that Neptune was discovered in 1846 when it was at 25 degrees of Aquarius, and Saturn was also at 25 degrees of Aquarius at the same time.  Neptune being discovered when it was conjunct Saturn points to the importance of bridging the two archetypes in order to gain a stronger grasp of Neptunian energies, and Chiron is one of our strongest guides and mediators between the energy of our personal and collective Saturn and Neptune archetypes.

The connection between Chiron, Saturn, and Neptune has been handed down to us through myth, long before the technology of astronomers were able to locate the outer celestial bodies. Chiron is the son of Kronus in Greek myth, so he is literally the son of Saturn just like Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto.  Chiron’s link to Neptune, however, goes much farther back than merely sharing the same father.  Chiron is literally a matriarchal descendant of an ocean deity even more primordial than Neptune:  Oceanus.  Chiron’s mother was a sea nymph named Philyra who was not only the daughter of Oceanus, according to some accounts she was the second oldest of all the sea nymphs that were borne from Oceanus.  Saturn/Kronus became consumed with desire for Philyra, and in some versions transformed himself into a stallion in order to chase her, and in other accounts after forcing himself upon her sexually, he transformed himself into a stallion in order to disguise himself when he was discovered ravaging her body by his wife, Rhea.

In all mythic versions, this coupling of Saturn as a stallion with the sea nymph Philyra is how the birth of Chiron, half man and half horse, occurred on Mount Pelion.  One of the first wounds of Chiron occurred by him being spurned by his parents for his unorthodox, animalistic form, and he stayed on Mt. Pelion as somewhat of a recluse, one of the original wise hermits in the cave.  Furthermore, there is an even deeper link between Chiron and the ocean realm, because Chiron eventually took another sea nymph as his lover and partner, Chariclo, who was the grand-daughter of Neptune.  Thus Chiron is both the son and the lover of water goddesses, and has as a result a stronger feel for Piscean energy than may be expected without exploring his myth.

The special sense Chiron embodies for the water element and in being a skilled mediator between the energies of Neptune and Saturn is of supreme importance in this moment, as Saturn in Scorpio is moving retrograde in trine to Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter is entering the sign of Cancer, and Mercury and Venus remain conjunct in Cancer.  We can draw upon the Chiron archetype to help us activate the harmonious potential of the developing water trine aspect, as trines in astrology do not guarantee harmonious events and can in fact coincide with lethargy if we do not consciously activate them.  There will be a lot of retrograde energy in water signs before Saturn stations direct in a couple of weeks on July 7, since Chiron and Neptune are retrograde in Pisces, Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, and Mercury is stationing retrograde in Cancer.

With all of the watery energy and a powerful water trine to Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, we will have to be especially careful of escapist pursuits or illusions leading us to separate from our higher self or our connection to Source/Spirit.  Chiron in Pisces carries this wound of connection to Spirit within it’s archetypes, and so at this time Chiron can help guide us to finding ways to connect with Spirit through healing techniques that can help us consciously move our higher self down through our body.  With Saturn in Scorpio, we will have to be willing to face some deep aspects of ourselves, including shadow sides we may previously have been in denial of, if we want to authentically make our beings more whole in this way- but remember how Pisces Chiron is a perfect mediator between Scorpio Saturn, Pisces Neptune, and Cancer Jupiter.  If we can ground in this manner, we will have an opportunity to evolve ourselves and our growth forward by following our own unique path and our special gifts and talents that may not typically fit in with the dominant culture.  Chiron was the trainer of heroes and the guide in their hero’s journey, and so by developing and following through with practices at this time, such as creating time and a schedule for a daily journal practice, creative art practice, meditative practice, yoga practice, physical exercise practice of any sort . . . we can create structures to express the deep desires and emotions that could arise at this time.

The retrograde connection between Chiron and Mercury will remain of great significance in the next month, as Mercury will station retrograde on June 26 and then station on July 19 at 14 degrees of Cancer in trine to Chiron.  After the upcoming retrograde movement of Mercury finishes when it stations in trine to Chiron next month, we may gain a greater ability to manifest tangible results of visions we planted back in February of 2013 when Mercury was in Pisces and conjunct Mars, Neptune, and Chiron.  Aspects of the vision brewing inside us have been triggered in this recent time period, as Mars in Gemini has been in square to Chiron at the same time Chiron stationed retrograde.  The full dates are as follows:

  • Around February 8, 2013 Mercury was conjunct Mars at 5 degrees Pisces and also conjunct Chiron at 7 degrees and Neptune at 3 degrees of Pisces.  In the following days, first Mercury and then Mars became exactly conjunct Chiron in Pisces.
  • Around May 21, 2013 Mercury was conjunct Venus in Gemini and square to Chiron at 14 degrees of Pisces.  This square happened immediately following an exact square between Capricorn Pluto and Aries Uranus.
  • Around June 10, 2013 Mercury was conjunct Venus in Cancer and in trine to Chiron in Pisces.
  • Around June 19, 2013 Mars in Gemini formed a square with Chiron in Pisces as Chiron stationed retrograde at 14 degrees of Pisces.

These aspects between Mercury, Mars, and Chiron have been significant for everyone but especially anyone with planets or key chart aspects in mutable signs from zero to fifteen degrees or so (Gemini, Sagitarius, Virgo, Pisces).  We may have had trouble recently finding a way to rationally understand our perceptions or sense of phenomenon in our dreams or waking states that do not fit into the neat categories of linear and rational thought aspired to by the dominant culture.  We also may have been having difficulty communicating our experiences in a way that can be understood clearly by others, and with Mercury about to move retrograde we may need to let go of attachment to being understood and instead focus on understanding for ourselves what is happening inside of us.

The flood of emotions and extrasensory perception we could have been experiencing connected with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces could be better understood by withdrawing from external influences into the metaphorical cave of Chiron, but if we have been tapped into media sources of the dominant culture during this time or a participant in social media sites and sources, we instead would have been overwhelmed by a deluge of information thrown at us by authorities of all sorts, from genuine experts, to culturally appointed experts, to self-proclaimed experts utilizing the Internet to self-publish their thoughts.  There have also been revolutions breaking out on the global stage in places as diverse as Turkey and Brazil during this time period, and while in the larger context these events correlate more with the square between Uranus and Pluto than personal planet aspects to Chiron, it is still important to consider Chiron was being aspected at the same time.  In these  revolutionary events the liberating force of individuals using social media to cover the news has been helpful as these events have had relatively small amounts of coverage by major news services.  For example, I am fortunate to have a friend in Turkey through which I was able to gain access to a lot of images and news coverage of events there through his social media profile.

However we have been triggered by this flood of feelings and information recently, though, most likely is connected to important Soul work or issues for us to face.  A perfect example of how to use the heroic gift of Pisces Chiron at this time is Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who is going through a Chiron return at the moment with a natal Chiron at fourteen degrees of Pisces, and is engaging in an attempt to pull off an all-day filibuster in the Texas state Senate to single-handedly prevent a passage of a controversial abortion bill that the Governor had to call a special session to attempt to pull-off in the first place.  Her North Node of the Moon is also conjunct the current placement of Mercury in Cancer, and Mars in Gemini is square her natal Chiron, so her chart is being strongly aspected by the Chiron-Mars-Mercury cycle as she takes her heroic stand.  Chiron does provide the sort of gift we can pull up from deep within ourselves at a time of crisis, and achieve success and rewards against all odds.

Similarly, the grand water trine we will experience this Summer between Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Cancer has the potential for euphoric and magical experiences, as well as the potential to coincide with watery chaos and emotional crises- however, if we can access our source of Chiron strength we can make heroic strides forward no matter what happens.  Paying attention to the Chiron archetype and how his retrograde movement  through Pisces can correlate to opportunities for us to take charge of our own heroic journey will be helpful.

chiron with apollo and asclepius

Guru of Plants, Planets, and Spirit

Chiron in myth held the role of a guru of the heavens and the earth,  as he was a teacher, trainer, and healer who was skilled in hunting, martial arts, gymnastics, music, medicine, herbalism, astrology, and the arts of prophecy, to name but a few of his talents.  He was a master of channeling divine energy through these outlets, similar to a yogic or qi gong master, shaman, or a musician on the highest level of divine expression through their art.  Chiron is a guide to the connection of our mind, body, and spirit because he understood the divine source of everything on our planet.  He was an herbalist who was well-versed in medicinal uses and applications of plant beings, and he was also an astrologer who was well-versed in the medicine of the stars and their movements and interactions.  Chiron lived from a sense of everything being connected to Source and Spirit, so stands as a teacher for us that our conflicts with life are often connected to our struggles with the external forms of matter in our environment, but that if we open our perception to the awareness that all of these forms we may struggle with also have the same divine Source as we do, we can persist in merging with love through all of our difficulties and help others in their own struggles as well.

The celestial body of Chiron was discovered on November 1, 1977 and it has been theorized by many astrologers that since that time we have had a greater capacity to connect our mind, body, and spirit as a collective species. The Saturn connection to Chiron is interesting because Saturn was at the very end of Leo when Chiron was discovered, so brings an energy of the culmination of the Leo hero’s journey to the Chiron birth chart.  In Evolutionary Astrology, astrologer Rose Marcus has connected the significance of Chiron to “peak experiences” in our lifetime as well as the deep past life history of our Soul that are connected to our special destiny, legacy, and path.  I saw her lecture on Chiron at the 2012 Evolutionary Astrology Conference, in which she described how Chiron carries a dense magnetic frequency that correlates with our most significant and lucid memories, how the Chiron archetype will be involved in our own peak experiences, and how we can also be a catalyst for activating other people’s key issues when we step into our own Chiron archetype.  Rose explained that Chiron can connect with our wounding issues that have been repeating and devastating across lifetimes, but at the same time Chiron can also correlate with extraordinary resources we can find within ourselves to face the tests and challenges of our journey.  In this way, Rose connected Chiron to the Virgo and Sixth house archetypes in the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm because of Chiron guiding us to use our crises as vehicles for our own growth.

Barbara Hand Clow, who wrote the pioneering and definitive classic text on Chiron, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets, also connected Chiron with the Sixth House and the Virgo archetype.  There is also an interesting connection between Saturn and Chiron with the Virgo archetype in the time period that Chiron entered astrological awareness as a distinct celestial body, because although Chiron was discovered when Saturn was at the very end of Leo, after a couple of weeks following the discovery Saturn shifted into Virgo.  As a result, most people born in the period following the discovery of Chiron, meaning the first people born who have a higher potential ability to integrate the lessons of the Chiron archetype, were born with Saturn in Virgo.  Fittingly enough, this group of Souls went through their first Saturn return just in time for these cataclysmic times of the Pluto-Uranus square, again giving them a better chance to access the gifts of Chiron to help all of us on the planet at this time.

Virgo is the polarity to Pisces, and an important archetype to help understand how to access the gifts of the Chiron archetype at any time, but especially now with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.  One way Chiron can help everyone better understand their own connection to the Pisces archetype through Virgo is by making the famous “silvery cord” connecting the two fish of Pisces more tangible and conscious.  One fish of Pisces of course represents the personality side of ourselves, while the other fish represents our Soul nature- they are connected in Pisces irrevocably through a silver cord, which is why Pisceans can never escape the challenges of our personality connection to our Souls and Source discussed earlier.  Alan Oken gave a concise description of the deep esoteric significance Virgo brings to this aspect of the Pisces archetype in his book Soul Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self:

The string is the symbol of the Antahkarana- the silvery cord linking the personality and the Soul, the darkness and the Light.  It is formulated out of the substance of the mental plane, thus requiring the discriminating focus of Virgo and Mercury in its construction.  Once the Antahkarana/Rainbow Bridge is forged, one can then traverse the various planes and fields of consciousness and not lose one’s way.  This is the Thread of the Warrior/Disciple, who goes forth in the act of self-sacrifice, in order to do battle for the unfolding purpose of the Plan.

–Alan Oken, Soul Centered Astrology (p. 243)

The Mercurial functions of discrimination and discernment can be developed into sharper focus for us at this time, even with Mercury stationing retrograde, through practice and daily ritual. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and other forms of spiritual practice are Virgo techniques similar to spiritual practices of the Chiron of myth, and can be helpful tools for us in this flooded time of Piscean emotional currents.  Since there have been a series of squares to Chiron in Pisces from the sign of Gemini, with Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all moving through Gemini in square to Chiron this past Spring, we may have been distracted with a busy and hectic schedule or a mass of information to process in some way.  However, even closing our eyes and meditating or just breathing with intention for ten or fifteen minutes, whatever we can manage, can be extremely helpful in this upcoming time period.

The vast expanse of knowledge held by Chiron is interesting considering how in this upcoming Summer, Jupiter will move into a trine apect through Cancer with Chiron (especially toward the end of July through August of 2013) giving us an opportunity to draw upon knowledge and resources found in recent challenges to propel us forward.  This aspect is in stark contrast to what had been happening this past year, as from July 0f 2012 through April of 2013, Jupiter was in Gemini and in a square aspect to Chiron in Pisces.  This square could have been felt in part by how our psychic sensitivities are impacted by the flood of information we can be bombarded with when connected to modern technology and social media platforms.  On the one hand the social media outlets are liberating because anyone can start writing and publishing their thoughts on a blog, but on the other hand this liberation can be overwhelming when trying to sift through the sheer volume of information for what to focus on with the time available.

With Mercury about to station into a retrograde motion, developing and practicing techniques that will help guide us toward greater discernment with our intuition will be helpful for us finding our unique path to follow at this time.  Most likely significant opportunities will present themselves, so it will be up to us to make choices aligned with our highest intention for the highest good for ourselves and other beings.  If we have experienced crises or wounding during this past year of Jupiter in Gemini squaring Chiron in Pisces, or simply confusion over which direction to follow, through our own self-care, healing, and giving and receiving of love with others we will be entering a time in which we can find a gift or special skill to take from past turmoil.

The conflict between Jupiter in Gemini and Chiron in Pisces that happened this past year has its own divine source in the ancient myths of Greece.  Jupiter and Chiron have had their issues before our day:

chiron invite achilles

Entering the Cave of Chiron

Thetis was a sea nymph of great importance in ancient times.  In some versions she is not given greater importance than her description of being a sea nymph, but other mythic researchers have found evidence that in ancient times she was much more important and an integral manifestation of the Great Goddess.  She is widely known as the mother of Achilles, who gave her son to Chiron to raise and draw out his special skills and capacities.  There was a prophecy regarding the greatness of the son of Thetis that made Zeus afraid that her offspring could dethrone him as he had dethroned his own father.  Zeus helped arrange a marriage between Thetis and a mortal, Peleus, and their wedding happened outside the cave of Chiron on Mt. Pelion and was attended by most of the deities.  However, one was not invited who goes by the name of Eris, and so this wedding outside the cave of Chiron is the scene upon which Eris threw her golden apple out of vengeance, an action that ultimately led to the decision of Paris and the Trojan War.

The cave of Chiron being the scene of the source of the vengeful desire of Eris is a core wound of our collective culture.  I remember being in an 8th Grade English class near Atlanta, Georgia in the USA in which we analyzed this mythic scene, and it seems to still be a widespread mythic scene in our collective educational backgrounds if you are from a “Western” influenced or culturally dominated background.  It’s also a wound we as astrology students and teachers need to figure out in a Chiron manner, as Eris is the a recent addition to our astrological paradigm and her full meaning is still being worked out by astrologers.

The cave of Chiron is an apt symbol for the training ground of our hero’s journey, as Chiron was famous for training the most praised heroes of ancient myth, having the ability to draw attention to their unique talents and help them develop their natural gifts into extraordinary strengths that would help them persist through unfathomable difficulties that became the stuff of legend.  Chiron was not only the trainer of warrior heroes, however, but also medicinal ones.  Asclepius, considered to be the mythic master of medicine, was his most famous pupil in the healing arts, and so Chiron in this way is also considered to be a father of medicine and surgical practices.  The mind-body-spirit connection of Chiron is evident in the holistic healing practices associated with Asclepius, which included patients going to sleep in special chambers in which the act of dreaming itself healed their wounds, or at other times the healing could be helped through dream interpretation made by healers trained in the methodology of Asclepius.

We enter the cave of Chiron whenever we enter a space in which we have the opportunity for self-transformation, healing, and gaining greater awareness and access to special skills and resources we have to offer the world.  If we have ever been in a classroom with a powerful teacher who struck us on a deep level to our core, we have been in the cave of Chiron.  Being a teacher is one of the most obvious outlets for Chiron energy, and this connection was illuminated in literature by John Updike in his novel The Centaur, in which he used myth in the way of James Joyce by re-telling the story of Chiron through a novel about a public school teacher in a mid-twentieth century small rural town in the USA.  In this novel Updike also integrates the mythic connection between Chiron and Prometheus, and as I haven’t mentioned this widely commented upon connection yet in this article, allow me to remind you that another time Chiron mediated a conflict involving Jupter was when he gave of his own immortality in order to release Prometheus from the bondage of being punished by Jupiter for giving fire to humanity.  As there are some versions of myth in which Prometheus is actually the creator of humanity, Chiron giving of himself to release a deity who in some myths is responsible for the creation of humanity and in others is the source of our knowledge of fire and all of the creativity that followed, is profound and is not unlike an action of a Christ figure.  The fact that Chiron was drawn to do this in part because of being tormented by the pain of being an immortal who was struck by a poisoned arrow of Hercules, is one of the main reasons why the Chiron archetype has become associated with being a wounded healer for our humanity.

As is often the case, when an archetype like Chiron is prominent, other archetypes that connect with similar themes will also become prominent, and that is certainly the case right now.  Lilith is another popular symbol of our wounding and in the larger context something Chiron could be holding space for us.  The triple goddess aspects of Lilith in astrology are all going through significant transits right now:

  • Original Lilith (asteroid #1181) is currently at 13 degrees Gemini and so is square to Chiron as well as recently conjunct Mars.
  • Dark Moon Lilith (hypothetical celestial body) is moving through Cancer in range of being conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Vesta at the moment.  At the time of the Summer Solstice it was opposite Pluto in Capricorn and in square to Uranus in Aries.
  • Black Moon Lilith, the Resolution Lilith (an energy vortex that is the “other” focal point of the Moon’s ellipitical orbit besides Earth) is at 6 degrees of Cancer and so is also in range of being in a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus, and was also strongly aspected by the Full Moon on June 23.

Demetra George in Finding Our Way Through the Dark gave a widely used description of these three phases of Lilith, in which the asteroid Lilith “describes the first stage of Lilith’s mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated, and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness,” the Dark Moon Lilith “depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes her revenge,” and the Black Moon Lilith “shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression” (p. 92).  The fact the original Lilith has been squaring Chiron and was recently conjunct Mars could correlate with a core wound being activated in our psyche, and yet the healer side of the Chiron archetype is also present with Lilith at this time as the resolution aspect, the Black Moon Lilith, is also being strongly activated now.

And as if these intense aspects involving Lilith isn’t enough, there are also some fascinating transits occurring now that involve asteroid Goddesses associated with the Soul, working with the Soul, healing and retrieval of our Soul:

In totality all of these transits involving such powerful feminine archetypes of the Soul mean that this is an incredibly deep time period of huge feelings and experiences.  To me, one of the greatest tools we can use at this time, again keeping the archetype of Chiron in mind as a guide, is to create a practice of Art to move the energy.

poète mort porté par un centaure

Chiron holds the Art of our wounds

One of the connections between the Chiron archetype and the archetype of the artist can be seen in the following quote from an art review I found in The Chicago Reader about the above watercolor by Gustave Moreau from 1890, Dead Poet Borne by a Centaur:

The centaur often symbolizes Dionysian violence and intoxication, and here he bears the dead poet in his arms. Some have interpreted this image not as the union of warring opposites, however, but as a pessimistic reflection on the artist’s lot in modern times. As turn-of-the-century writer Ary Renan said about this work: “How many have perished without funerals at the bottom of solitary streams? To be sure, sometimes a charitable centaur gathers up the victim.


Chiron as a wounded healer archetype certainly connects him with all of the great artists throughout time who put all of their heart and soul into their art, posthumously inspiring a large audience drawn to the specific quality of their art,  and facilitating healing for many people who could draw strength and compassion for themselves through experiencing their creative work. And yet the wound for these artists was that in the actual time-frame of their existence they often lived through pain and torment, lacking an audience or material rewards for their work.  However, no matter what difficulty some of these artists could have experienced in their material life, through the act of creating their art they could reach a blissful state that would be it’s own reward.  Moreover, the gift of healing and inspiration such artists leave for those with similar sensibilities to find and gain strength to continue on their own unique path is incalculable and has deep resonance with the quality of wounded healing associated with Chiron.

During these intense karmic times, we can work with our Chiron wounding through expressing our feelings through art and releasing the energy in the process.  Unfortunately, for many of us the actual creation of art can be one of our Chironic wounds, and so we tend to hold ourselves back from creating.  A beautiful book to work with during this time if you have not already is Julie Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in which she provides activities and questions to help the reader break out of any restrictive writer’s or artist’s blocks limiting their ability to express themselves.  One of the basic techniques of the book is a daily journaling activity in which after waking up in the morning you write three pages of writing as quickly as possible, thinking about it as little as possible.  It is amazing what can start to open up for you as you engage in this practice.  I also like this book because Cameron connects the creation of Art with it being a spiritual practice:  “We are, ourselves, creations,” she writes, “And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.”  Her central theme in the book is that by opening ourselves up to our own creativity, we open ourselves to a greater connection with Spirit and the capacity to develop our unique gifts and live the full potential of our lives some of us merely dream of instead of actually actualizing.  This lesson that making the creation of art a daily practice, habit, and ritual in our lives will open up a greater spiritual dimension and holistic feeling of healing in our lives is a very Chironic lesson to me.  Any practice you can develop for yourself at this time that will provide an outlet for your sense of Spirit and expression of creativity will bring a smile to the face of Chiron and will be good medicine for your Soul.

35 thoughts on “Chiron in the Flood of Pisces

    • Thank you, Esther. I have not been writing my morning pages recently, but part of writing this article has been about me realizing that I need to again- they are very helpful in so many ways. I actually started this blog and writing for it when I was in my last period of consistently writing morning pages everyday, so who knows if I would have done this without them.

  1. There is so much to absorb here but I am especially grateful to you for elucidating the Chiron archetype and expanding its meaning as the teacher of our inner hero/heroine. Teaching is indeed a sacred occupation or at least should be. I have always loved that Moreau painting that you feature because it really shows that in our creative endeavors we are always held by powerful spiritual forces even though we may feel at times that nothing is holding us. I loved how you called Chiron the guru. He works from the cave (gu may mean darkness according to some etymologies) but he is the one who disperses darkness (ru – push away).
    Lilith has also been on my mind a lot. There is such a great article I have found about her:
    I have to ponder on how Demetra George differentiates between the three aspects of Lilith. So far I have only observed Black Moon Lilith in relation to my chart and what she says about being able to transmute the dark wound related energies and thus set the Soul free may be the essence of this archetype. How does one go about checking where Dark Moon Lilith is in their chart?

    • Thank you again for sharing your compliments and thoughts, Monika. I have also been confused by the three Liliths in the past. Using, you put in asteroid #1181 to find the Original Lilith, h58 to find the Dark Moon Lilith, and h13 to find the “true” version of the Black Moon Lilith which will then show up as “OSC.L” for “oscillating Lilith.” The “true” version of BML is used in Evolutionary Astrology, and in my chart it is very significant as it is conjunct my Sun and Jupiter in Pisces. The “mean” BML is also significant in my chart, also in Pisces and closer to my Mercury- but I feel that the “true” placement really made my chart make sense in a whole new way when I considered it. It seems you can find what works for you with the range.

      I have never paid much attention to the Dark Moon Lilith because of it being hypothetical, but that sort of rejection is sort of the point of it. Demetra George in “Finding Our Way Through the Dark” gives a clear explanation of it (I really recommend buying that workbook). It was originally discovered by a famous astronomer who had just ordered new telescope parts, and later realized it was connected to a glitch with the parts after writing an entire ephemeris about it’s placement he had tracked. This ephemeris was later discovered in an attic by a theosophical sort of fellow who got excited and created a new ephemeris for it. Apparently in France, they had always used the Black Moon Lilith for awhile with understanding of the original source of error regarding the Dark Moon placement. Apparently upon hearing this story at a conference, Demetra, who had also always spurned the Dark Moon placement because of it being hypothetical, realized the triple goddess aspect would apply to Lilith and the fact that the Dark Moon placement had been spurned connects it with the Lilith archetype. She has used it and found it to work according to her description above. Apparently, some astronomers, particularly in Russia, have also claimed to have found it and it may be a dust cloud . . . Pretty interesting in any event . . .

      I have also been thinking about Lilith more recently and may end up writing something more about her, but I would really enjoy reading something you would write about her if you end up taking it on in your blog . . . best, Gray

  2. Your writing is so meaty. The fact that caught my eye was the ’09 Chiron/Neptune conjunction at 26 degree Aquarius, right on my husband’s 10th house sun. His 3-d graphic career took a plunge do to the housing crisis. He retreated and focused back on his guitar playing & lap swimming. I can see now that was helpful for him to cope. We muddled through, meanwhile I was pushed to make and sell my paintings. Now work is pouring in for him, Chiron and Neptune are effecting me w/ my early Pisces sun/ grand square. I really agree that creativity and also the structured practice of it helps one get through the Chironic wounding. Thank you again for your articles!

    • Thank you so much- this really makes my day, to hear about how you and your husband pushed through difficulty with your creativity and ended up making a creative lifestyle manifest. So do you mean that Chiron and Neptune have been conjunct your Sun? I’ve had them pass over my Mercury in the past year on my Midheaven, with Neptune still there and Chiron further on now. I’m hoping to structure more explorative creative arts for myself in this upcoming time. with gratitude, Gray

      • Are you a Gemini rising? Seems to me your complex analysis of astrology in your writing is your art. You’re very talented. I see a book in your future. Chiron’s been effecting me for yrs now. It’s opposition to my early Virgo Moon/Pluto in the 2nd house nearly did me in. My Pisces Sun is at 4 degrees, so Chiron is past it, and close to my Pisces Mercury at 12 degrees,

        • Yes, I am Gemini rising you are right- and I also have a Gemini Moon in my 12th House. Sounds like you have a very interesting chart that has been having a lot of intense transits happening! And to think you have a Moon-Pluto in Virgo on top of it! Thank you for complimenting my writing- I can see we have some Mercury connections as I also have a Pisces Mercury and it is conjunct your Sun. I also have a Pisces Sun but it is toward the end of Pisces. I have Neptune on my Mercury now just like you have Neptune on your Sun. all my best, Gray

  3. This was such an amazing read! As always, your writing is incredible. I love that you brought up Wendy Davis in here, she is truly a warrior. I am very intrigued by the ‘silvery chord’ that links Picses to Virgo. Even though I have my Sun in Pisces, I also have my N Node in Pisces making my S Node Virgo. This definitely gives me something to think about. I am still trying to take in everything that I just read. My Mercury in Aquarius brain needs a minute to figure everything out! I may comment again later!

  4. Thanks for this. I currently have Chiron conjunct Natal Sun, Neptune natal Mercury, and the dance of the north node and Saturn over natal Saturn. The themes have certainly been showing up. The Transformation too, happily in largely a good way.

    • Wow, i can relate to you in some ways because I also have a Pisces Mercury that has Neptune conjunct it- mine is at the very end of my 9th House minutes away from my Midheaven. i also have a Pisces Sun that is toward the end of Pisces and so Chiron is not there yet. My Chiron is usually very present for me because it is conjunct my Venus in Aries in my 11th House, I am glad to hear you are having good transformative experiences. Are you going through a Saturn return time? To have a natal Saturn in Scorpio transited by Saturn and the nodes, with Pisces Sun transited by Chiron and Mercury by Neptune, that just sounds wildly karmic! I would imagine some very significat events occurring on the deepest levels. best, Gray

      • Ah – we have Merc in the same place but my Merc and Sun are in the 5th house. My natal Chiron is near the natal north node in the 3rd. And yes, Saturn return in the 1st. (Libra rising) N.Node will meet with Saturn less than 2 deg from natal Saturn, after it crosses natal Saturn and then I have the final Saturn return transit… The grand trine will have Jupiter near natal Uranus in 9th as well. So yeah, significant in many layers of life – transitioning parent, career change, spiritual growth… some chaos around me but its mostly just stuff going by. 😉

        Also, this is my second Saturn return so I know more what to expect. Being in the first and exalted, its powerful. Last time, it was joined by Pluto. This one by the N. Node. (laughs)

        • Do you do any sort of creative writing, or some other communication modality involving art, creativity, or your passions? With all of that hitting your first house on top of it, it sounds like a time of re-defining yourself in a powerful way. It is so interesting how some people get hit especially hard during transits such as a Saturn return, in your case with Pluto combined in your first return and now the North Node of the Moon in your second return. From what I have read about the second Saturn return, this seems like an ideal time to resolve and move on from past incarnational wounding and self-limiting wounds from your past this lifetime- I am personally a long way away from that time, however! I wish you the best, Gray

          • Yes, I do a lot of writing, mainly on 2 blogs. Mostly around philosophy, psychology, spirituality and the evolution of consciousness. And yes, a redefining is underway. I would not describe it as being hit hard this time, though I’m looking forward to Saturn turning direct. But certainly transformational. (I’ve become used to transformation and have found it always unfolds something better)

            I’ve made good progress in terms of healing wounds. This transformation is more about how I show up in the world and what I have to offer, it seems. It’s major so the end result is not yet seen but the old has certainly fallen away.

            The difference in how I am with it makes a big difference. Everything just falls into place and I find myself fully supported.

  5. Gray, I am so impressed with your analysis of Chiron. As a greenhorn novice in matters astrological, I am not sure that I fully understand the whole import of your thesis. I will work through it however, and if you don’t mind, perhaps I could ask some explanatory questions through here.

    Some years ago, when I decided to hang up my shingle as a business consultant, I settled on the name Chiron! the business doctor. The basis of the name was not astrological Chiron but mythological Chiron, although I am sure you can draw a connection between the two.

    I chose the name because Chiron, in Greek mythology, was astute, shrewd, judicious, reliable and trustworthy. He was renowned for his knowledge of medicine, commerce, hunting and war strategy, as well as his wisdom and sense of justice. As far as I now, Chiron was also noted for his gift of prophecy (and wouldn’t that be a handy attribute for a consultant in this modern business world!), All these characteristics of Chiron are necessary or desirable in a modern business consultant.

    Of course, the medical knowledge aspect was a bit out of left field, but I was able to embrace it through the ‘business doctor’ reference.

    Thank you for this detailed exposition.


    Graham Segal
    Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

    • Thank you Graham, I would think that Chiron would be an extremely auspicious name for a business consultant, as so many entrepreneur’s continually view themselves as embarking upon a hero’s journey. I would also wonder about your choice of name giving an energy of healing toward whatever sort of self-limiting wounds the clients coming to you would have related to their business ambitions. It would be interesting to see what sort of connections you have with Chiron in your chart . . . Thank you for sharing, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, Gray

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  7. Gray,

    As far as I know, I was born at 10.15 PM on 6th December, 1941. Here is the introduction to a paper I wrote about my birth time. I don’t know how significant this is in the context of your comment:

    My date and time of birth are quite significant when they are considered in conjunction with the then prevailing international politico-economic situation. In point of fact, as will be seen from the factual disclosures below which I have carefully researched over a long period, I was born at the exact moment that Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, Chief of Japanese Naval Operations in the Pacific, received and acted upon orders from Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Chief of Naval Operations in the Japanese High Command, to commence the attack on Pearl Harbour and other nations in South-East Asia; and President Franklin D Roosevelt, President of the United States, made the decision that no useful purpose would be served by further diplomatic initiatives with Japan and that the United States had to accept the reality that war with Japan was inevitable.

    Of course, while he may have made that decision at that particular moment in time, he did not know when or where the hostile activities would take place.

    These three events conjuncted simultaneously at 10.15 pm December 6, 1941, Eastern Australian Standard Time, although the actual physical times at the various locations of the participants will be different due to the various timezones in which they were situated.
    The point that is significant here however is that the three events actually took place at the same time, plus or minus about ten minutes.

    I have never had a formal chart reading to look at how Chiron may have influenced my life’s journey, so your advice on that would be appreciated.


    • Dear Graham,

      I have tried to send you a private message regarding your birth chart. In case I got your email wrong, and you see this message, please send me an email to

      About the epic events swirling around your birth time, they do sound like the sort of political intrigue that swirled around the mythic Chiron at times. He was after all involved in the training of heroes who went off to war, crusades, and conquests. As I mentioned in the article, he also would have had ties to the start of the Trojan War.

      Just in case anyone comes across this and is curious about the general transits at this time, when the initial stages of Pearl Harbor and the USA involvement in the world war were being initiated, I will share some of it here. I can explain more of what this means and how it could relate to your actual birth chart in private.

      Chiron was retrograde in Leo at this time and in a wide range of being conjunct Pluto in Leo, which was also retrograde. Chiron was also in wide range of being square Saturn in Taurus, which was also retrograde. Saturn in Taurus at this time was conjunct Uranus in Taurus, also retrograde. Importantly with Chiron, there was a grand fire trine involving Chiron in Leo, Mars in Aries, and the Sun in Sagitarius. The Chiron-Pluto conjunction in Leo was also in range of being trine to another wide conjunction between Mercury and the Sun in Sagitarius. Mercury in Sagitarius was in a wide opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter in Gemini was opposite the Sun in Sagitarius. Venus in Aquarius was opposite Pluto in Leo. And the Moon would have been in a zone of Cancer that was fairly exact in a square to Mars in Aries- this last aspect would have been a very emotionally reactive personal aspect to add to the very intense aspects cited above involving collective and personal planets. Those are a lot of hard, intense aspects and so it is compelling to think about it in reference to this being the initial stages of Pearl Harbor as you mentioned. As far as how these aspects would connect into your birth chart, however, is another story entirely.

      I look forward to talking with you more,

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  9. Thank you so much for this. I have Chiron @ 14 degrees in Pisces and I’m turning 5o this year. I have been working with learning herbal medicine for the past 10 years or so, but have gotten much more in depth with it in the past 3 , esp this year. Seems to make some sense with that position in my chart. It feels very easy and natural to do. I just kind of go into another world or meditative state when I work on it.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with this Chiron transit, Liz. This sounds like the sort of acceleration in healing ability that coincides with the Chiron return you are experiencing. It is said by many that none of us truly step into our deep work as healers until our Chiron return, and that healers practicing before that time are more like technicians than the level that can be reached after the Chiron return. You will be going through this for some time- Chiron just recently stationing retrograde a few weeks ago getting so close to your natal Chiron would have activated it. It will become even more significant once Chiron stations direct and actually makes it to passing over your natal Chiron. Do you know if Chiron has already made it to your exact natal placement yet?

  10. I once had a dream in which I saw Chiron and earth – the blue globe. I have read Evelina’s post linking Chiron with Taurus. I had heard of this theory before. For me Chiron is also earthy, not sure if only Taurean. I have been fascinated by the fact that Sagittarius is the esoteric ruler of Earth. I always thought this must have some bearing on Chiron, the centaur, but what it is I have no idea.

    • To me, its hard to let go of Virgo being an important one in part because of it’s opposition to Pisces, but I’m not so much concerned about what rules what- I think we have a lot more work to do learning about Chiron. The way she described the link to Taurus makes a lot of sense to me. As far as the Russian perspective of making Chiron the ruler of Taurus, I don’t like to get too caught up in that sort of debate. The way Evelina described the archetype of Chiron through Taurus does make sense to me. I agree with you about the connection between Sagitarius and Chiron, and the Earth as the esoteric rulership of Sagitarius makes total sense in consideration of Chiron. I wonder if we could even add the trine of Earth, Capricorn, to his meaning, in the way of his use of and affinity for Saturn in the Earth element.

      I just found a new blog last night about Chiron, and I would like to share it with you and anyone reading this because it is the most amazing blog yet regarding Chiron I have come across. This woman has been researching him for over three decades and is publishing a book about him. She has connection to the indigenous of Australia and has her PhD in connection with the aboriginal. She has found that the region of Greece holding Mt Pelion would have been an indigenous region in our terms used today. So a reason why Homer and others would have ignored Chiron. The people there would have been seen then as magical and witches. And the geography of Mt Pelion sounds incredible, with magical herbs truly being abundant there. Her writing has real research, unlike the quick forays into research I make for my blog. I would love to delve more into the actual myths like she has done. Here is one link regarding his family of myth:

      this one connects to the Chiron in Cancer generations and time periods:

      She has more, and apparently will be posting more. This is very fascinating to me. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

      • This blog looks really fascinating. Thank you for this recommendation. If you know of any other blogs that combine astrology and myth, I will be glad to learn about them.
        For me as a Pole it is interesting that Chiron, whose name means skilled with the hands, was discovered by a man called Kowal. Kowal means blacksmith in Polish. Nomen omen indeed.

      • Once again thank you for the link to Hilary’s blog. She actually emailed me today because she had apparently sensed my spiritual vibes and she was sure my significant past incarnation was near Mount Pelion. She is an Australian aboriginal woman and a shamanic healer, she writes. She is looking at my chart now, I am quite taken aback by this and I am not sure yet what to make of this.

        • That sounds super duper neat Monika! My understanding of Chiron is starting to really accelerate and I think there is something very important about his archetype in my chart, but I’m not entirely sure of the extent. I now have visiting the Mount Pelion region near the top of my goals as far as visiting mythic regions go. I finally have looked on a map to see where all of these places are- its really cool just on a geographic level to look at where that Thessaly area is, and then in relation to the rest of that region and all those myths.

          • I received some fascinating response from this woman, I still need to chew on it. I know I need to take a closer look at the asteroid Hygeia, which lies on the midpoint between my Sun and my Moon. She is apparently strongly connected with my life path which might have to do with dreams and hypnotherapy. My mind is spinning at the moment. Thank you for writing about Chiron again.

            • Interesting- she is the daughter of Asclepius. Asclepius has been on my list to look into because when I had a reading with Demetra George she drew a lot of attention to the Asclepius asteroid in my chart, and in combination with Persephone, Isis and others, thought it was part of my path, something about his healing methods. And of course he was a student of Chiron. So Hygeia would also have that lineage.

  11. Well hello Gray,

    I am the “woman” you talk about to Monika- Dr Hilary Bond. I thank you for your words of praise. Yes, a PhD is an original text of research not written about anywhere in the world and my research is very thorough. When we do a PhD in Australia, we, especially in the field of Aboriginal Education have to study at least five, subjects in research and the Protocols and Ethics of working in the field in research. We have one of the highest educational standards in the world.

    What you talk about as “real research” smile is the use of primary sources. Yes, you and most other astrologers use tertiary sources and I notice many people don’t acknowledge the source. Original texts such as Homer, or a jar or bones, or ancient buildings are a primary source. A comment on these is a secondary source. A comment or review of a book on primary sources is a tertiary source. I used to teach this to our undergraduates, as research has become vital for university graduates. Our laws on plagiarism now mean anyone who copies without recognition of the source is committing plagiarism and there are expelled from the university. The Internet has extremely lax standards, but one of my astrologer associates/peers sues for any plagiarism of his work and he makes a mint.

    I also have taught mythology, archetypes and astrology at community college since the early 1990s and I have been an astrologer since 1973. My grandfather was an astrologer; a practical meteorological astrologer and like the ancient mariners he used the constellations to save his life many times in the desert. I completed a Liz Greene Diploma of Psychological Astrology in 1996 and a Practitioners Certificate of Astrology (now upgraded to a Diploma) with the Australian Federation of Astrologers. I have numerous other certificates from early training with many highly qualified, experienced astrologers. One of my certificates from the Federation of Australian Astrologers is purely in mathematics and astronomy. Good astrologers are always expected to be able to set up a chart without the use of a computer program. I teach students presently in Introductory Astrology, Astrology, Past Lives and Archetypal Astrology.

    Yes, I am unusual in my field. We academics rarely venture into the New Age world. In fact it is frowned upon by universities.

    Yes, I am recognised as an Aboriginal woman with Aboriginal ancestry and I taught subjects on Aboriginal Education and Aboriginal Art Ethics and Protocols for ten years at James Cook University and Griffith university. I am from the Darug-Dawhal clan down in the west of Sydney . Our demarcation of clans and ancestry is similar to the way you Americans call your First Nations people their clan names of Cherokee or Apache people.

    I was going to say what an interesting article and it is. I have read your articles a number of times and I shall read them again. (By the way I have “liked” your wordpress site.)

    I was actually very interested in the chart of the Chiron doctor who only lives 2 hours away. I did a whole subject on Pearl Harbour, General Yamamoto and the War in the Pacific and there is more to that chart that meets the average astrologer’s eye.

    I too like the Moreau painting of Chiron. And I am glad that Monika validated my authenticity.

    Keep up your interesting work.

    Hilary (Starcounsell)

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