Guiding Stars Radio: Gemini Full Moon

Elohimy Herkulec & Amazone

I will be on Kristin Fontana’s “Guiding Stars Internet Radio” show on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 10 am Pacific Standard Time.  We will be discussing the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini as well as the upcoming ingress of Mars into Aquarius through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeff Green.  You can find a link to the show here, as well as a link to archived shows in case you want to listen to it but cannot make it for the live broadcast:

11 thoughts on “Guiding Stars Radio: Gemini Full Moon

    • Thank you Katherine! I really appreciate your support. I know I could have done a better job stating what I was seeing with everything, but considering that I was nervous I am pretty happy with how it went for my first time.

  1. Congratulations, Gray! You did an excellent job! Your explanation of the Full Moon roused me to check my chart, and that BML/Chiron opposition squaring the Full Moon is just 2 degrees off my Sun. :/
    Has everyone’s chart been as explosive as mine? That’s a real question. I’m growing incredulous. Very, very incredulous… and tired.

    • I think this Full Moon chart is going to be intense for everyone, but if it hits your chart even more so like you, than even more so. I was hoping to get a chance to say something at the end but we ran out of time- since we started talking about focusing on the life you want to live, I also wanted to add in having compassion for yourself for not currently living the life you really want especially considering all of the oppression out there- I think this Full Moon chart including Black Moon Lilith really highlights this, and the Eric Garner verdict is a perfect example and everything going on related to that in reaction and response.

      • I’ve been reading “City of Quartz.” Here’s an interesting quote from page 272: “In 1982, for example, following a rash of LAPD ‘chokehold’ killings of young Black men in custody, he [Police Chief Daryl Gates] advanced the extraordinary theory that the deaths were the fault of the victims’ racial anatomy, not excessive police force: ‘We may be finding that in some Blacks when [the carotid chokehold] is applied the veins and arteries do not open up as fast as they do on normal [sic] people.'” A pretty amazing quote, no? And 32 years later where the fuck are we? Would BML be a breaking point? The “No thanks. I think I’d rather fuck demons by the Red Sea than deal with you, Mr. Man” cut off? 8 of Cups meets Lust/Strength maybe in Tarot? I don’t know… and opposite Chiron? With Jupiter station retro? Jeez. I’m just trying to piece it all together. I’d love to read an article by you on the station. But no pressure. Hahaha. 😉

    • Yeah, I was trying to work with Kristin and flow with how the conversation was going and we never got there. I think I may write a post about it. One thing is this really powerful intuition activated. It will be the sixth square between Uranus and Pluto and like a 6th Chakra activation potentially with Jupiter stationing right now. Things may seem hectic in external events but if you can go within and use this Full Moon lunation for guidance there could be something very powerful to integrate about yourself with Jupiter stationing retrograde. So if there is disillusionment, using that to help you realign with your personal truth and focus on that instead of the wounding so much. I also think if you have been exploring teachings or philosophies this could be a real integration moment for all of that with what aligns with your personal truth out of your experience and what does not.

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