The Guilt of Prometheus and Pandora’s Gifts

I invite you to read this beautiful exploration of the Prometheus myth and its archetypal impact on our collective experience and personal individuation within the collective. As she often does, Monika in her “Symbol Reader” writing here encapsulates the feeling of the current astrological climate without explicitly stating that she has done so. To me, this post brings forward aspects of the Pluto and Uranus square, the ingress of Saturn into Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus combined in Aquarius, the exit of Mars from Aquarius and ingress into Pisces, and most especially the sextile between Saturn in Sagittarius and the forthcoming Mercury retrograde cycle in Aquarius.


Jean Delville, "Prometheus" Jean Delville, “Prometheus”

Prometheus was one of the Titans – the gods who descended from primordial deities, and preceded Olympian gods and goddesses. His name meant “forethought;” he proved he deserved it by showing a gift of premonition and prophecy when he sided with the Olympians during the war with the Titans. He knew beforehand who the winners would be and chose to cooperate with the bringers of the new order. However, his defiant and unyielding nature rebelled whenever he felt that the Olympians did not have the interest of humans at heart. Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus (“afterthought”) did not get imprisoned in Tartarus after the war with the Titans because they had displayed their loyalty to the Olympians. Zeus entrusted them with the task of creating humans, which Prometheus accomplished using mud (clay), into which the goddess Athena breathed life. Prometheus fell in love with his earth-born creation…

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One thought on “The Guilt of Prometheus and Pandora’s Gifts

  1. Thank you.
    I had an intuition that writing it while Mars was getting ready to enter Pisces was important. I wish I had written more about the importance of Chiron in the story. I think it is really crucial that he was the redeemer. This leaves me very hopeful.

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