Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Hathor cow woman

Hathor Menat (1390–1352 B.C. Egypt)

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury will retrograde in Taurus, the home of Venus, from April 28 through May 22.  Mercury when moving direct through the zodiac is known as a swiftly moving planet of mental connections, discernment, and expression.  Yet the protean nature of Mercury is revealed in its variable speed, as it slows down considerably during its thrice yearly retrograde phase and correspondingly shifts our perceptual perspicacity.  Despite misconceptions in popular culture, Mercury Retrograde is not a time to fear but is instead an essential aspect of Mercury and how we interpret and convey meaning from our experience in life.  During Mercury Retrograde we experience a purifying regeneration of Mercury, and as this particular retrograde occurs in Taurus, we will be immersing ourselves within our bodily realm, discovering how our senses and instincts create our reality. A wealth of supportive aspects to Mercury arise during this retrograde by Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, and the lunar nodes, suggesting a soulful windfall can be excavated when exploring the darkness of inner recesses.

Our perception that Mercury is retrograde is rooted in the phenomenon of Mercury’s orbit around our Sun, as Mercury Retrograde always occurs when Mercury passes between our Earth and our Sun in its orbit.  This particular retrograde is very special, as the pièce de résistance is a Mercury transit of the Sun in which Mercury can be seen crossing the fiery face of our Solar Light, as close as Mercury can get to eclipsing the Sun.  As this special inferior conjunction of Mercury conjoins the heliocentric South Node of Mercury, is trine to the transiting North Node of the Moon, and occurs while Jupiter is simultaneously stationing direct in a trine to Mercury and the Sun, the heart of this Mercury Retrograde is fecund with primal potency. One theme will be an uncovering of the inner values that bring us the most alive in our sensual world and to which we can devote ourselves in order to not merely survive but thrive.

While recalibration of inner values will be a theme on a personal level, in the collective with Mercury retrograde in Taurus and forming trines with both Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury’s lordship of commerce and mercantile systems will result in significant economic contracts and mergers between various key economic players enacted.  Moreover, significant revelations will come to the forefront regarding economic deals and relationships that had previously been hidden. The impact of collective economic forces on one’s personal life will depend on where one finds themselves within the rising and falling of collective fortune, but this Mercury retrograde nonetheless opens a space to reappraise your flow and organization of finances and the returns you have been receiving on your investment of energy.

On a personal level, the slow steady pace of Mercury through Taurus is opportune for patiently grounding awareness in your surrounding material manifestations and their connection with the values you have been prioritizing your life around.  It will be most fruitful to ask yourself the tough questions and be brutally honest with yourself about the values you have actually been focused upon rather than the values you enjoy talking about or pretending you live from.  Taurus is about survival, and through this retrograde Mercury can guide us into revealing what we have thought we needed for survival versus what is truly nourishing for ourselves on a soul level and requires a commitment to living from with integrity.


Hermes Ingenui (Roman copy of 5th Century B.C. Greek)

Men have made me variously keeper of the dawn, of twilight and the wind, have called me Argeiphantes, he who makes clear the sky, and Logios, the sweet-tongued one, have dubbed me trickster, the patron of gamblers and all manner of mountebanks, have appointed me the guardian of crossroads, protector of travelers, have conferred on me the grave title Psychopomps, usher of the freed souls of men to Pluto’s netherworld. For I am Hermes, son of old Zeus and Maia the cavewoman.

— John Banville, The Infinities, p. 14

Star of Hermes

Mercury was known as the Star of Hermes to the ancients who developed what we now call Hellenistic Astrology, and the innumerable significations of the mythic Hermes illuminate our understanding of the astrological Mercury:  Winged messenger of the Gods, God of crossroads, boundaries and thresholds, Guide of Souls, Shepherd of flocks, God of commerce and merchants, Prince of thieves, and the friendly trickster who reveals truths through concealing truth at times, offering unexpected fortune and loss.  When Mercury disappears at sunset with a flash of light after stationing retrograde, transitioning from being an Evening Star to becoming invisible under the purifying beams of the Sun, Mercury guides us into a subterranean realm of perception in which he plays the part of a Soul Guide.

Mercury slowly shifting retrograde, symbolically descending into the invisible underworld, marks a threshold into a liminal space of past identities and perceptual patterns altering to open awareness to vital change and a presence in sync with authentically arising inner life.  Though popular culture tells us to avoid buying anything or signing any contracts when Mercury is retrograde, it is in fact possible to initiate significant action that will not only be beneficial but deeply resonate with one’s Soul.  As Mercury retrograde redirects the functions of Mercury from outward projection to becoming inwardly receptive with our body and unconscious, it is vital to be mindful of how your intuition and inner voice is guiding you.  If the sound of a new venture is bringing inner doubt, this is the type of new endeavor to avoid.  If a new venture instead brings a harmonizing vibration that feels naturally fulfilling, if signs of synchronicity point to the new endeavor being a soulful calling, then this is exactly the type of new project or relationship whose initiation will bring a bountiful boon.


Hathor Mirror (1479–1425 B.C. Egypt)

Mirrors: no one who’s tried to solve you
has yet unlocked your true being.
You, openings in time, its course filled
as if with endless sieve holes.

You, perpetual spendthrifts of the empty hall-,
when dusk approaches, deep as woods . . .
And there the chandelier, like a sixteen-pointer,
leaps your unbreathable divide.

Sometimes you are full of painting.
A few seem to have passed straight into you-,
others you shyly sent away.

But the one loveliest woman will remain
before you, -till across into her untouched cheeks
the clear released Narcissus penetrates.

–Rainer Maria Rilke from Sonnets to Orpheus translated by Edward Snow

Mercury in the home of Venus

With Mercury retrograde in the home of Venus, the mirror of Aphrodite shall reflect our current state of being as well as open a portal to the potential of our Self.  Mercury retrograde periods often bring up the past for resolution, yet can also facilitate a crossing of the threshold that demarcates a new dimension of experience.  Mirroring will illuminate our inner issues most in need of reflection and resolution through the mirror of outer relationships and events, and insight into the illusion we call reality will be revealed.    Going within the etheric field of bodily senses, this Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will metamorphose and reconstruct our inner magnetism that attracts relationships to us, supporting us aligning with more soulfully supportive partners through inner work rather than outer striving.

A day after Mercury stations retrograde, Venus enters her home of Taurus where she stays for the rest of the retrograde and will give strong Venusian support to Mercury.  Hermes in myth is bound to the fertility of nature and sexuality, and similarly as Mercury retrograde pulls us inward into our corporeal senses in the domicile of Venus, desire for sensual pleasures and hedonistic delights of the flesh will arise.  Self-love and making nourishment of optimal well-being in the body through diet, exercise, and luxuriating in the scent of flowery enrapture will be a beneficial balm for whatever worrisome events occur during the Mercury Retrograde.   This Mercury retrograde in the receptive and earthy sign of Venus will viscerally reveal the myriad ways in which we find meaning through our subjective sensual faculties.

When Venus enters Taurus she immediately enters a conjunction with the asteroid Hathor (asteroid #2340), the asteroid that is named for the Lady of Heaven, Lady of Horns, Lady of All.  Hathor is the womb found in the stars, the living, fertile sky that is the source of All. Hathor embodies the triple goddess aspect of mother, lover, and daughter, but is not a goddess fixated on the needs of a partner or sustaining a relationship with an Other.  Venus uniting with Hathor in Taurus as Mercury descends into the underworld at the beginning of its retrograde amplifies the focus on the inner side of Venus that is not outwardly obsessed with relationship, revitalizing our sense of inner needs for joy.  Further fitting for Mercury retrograde, Hathor is a fructifying goddess of rebirth and regeneration, who like Hermes took part in guiding the transition of Souls into the afterlife and here points toward the needs of the Soul gaining greater prominence over the needs of the conscious personality.

Fascinatingly, Mercury stations retrograde while conjoining the asteroid Vesta in Taurus, another significator of devotedly turning focus within rather than being consumed with the needs and expectations of relationship.  Vesta is not virginal in a sexual sense, however, and heralds an opening to sacred sexuality and the reception of spirit in the senses through its union with stationing Mercury.  Nonetheless, since independence and self-reliance outside of partnership is paramount to  Vesta, the conjunction between Vesta with stationing Mercury suggests the inward pull of Hermes will destabilize any co-dependent tendencies occurring in order to help anchor perception into one’s true inner needs and desires.

Mercury also stations while conjoining the blinking, fixed star Algol.  Algol is known as the Head of Medusa and the Head of the Demon, a fixed star associated with the extremities of emotion, whether that be through a voracious sexual union, the velocity of passion poured into a creative outlet, or the intensity of outraged anger.  Again, while this aspect can go along with strong sensual immersion in sexuality, a link with Algol does not signify precedence given to the maintenance of a relationship.  Once again this is a sign of the primal needs of the Self taking precedence, and that the initial focus of this Mercury retrograde is to realign with inner needs outside the expectations of current relationship.

Paint a perfect picture
Bring to life a vision in one’s mind
The beautiful ones
Always smash the picture
Always every time

— Prince, “The Beautiful Ones” from Purple Rain

Though the demonizing of Mercury Retrograde in popular culture can go overboard with projections of negativity, there can be vexing and extremely frustrating experiences with communication and becoming overwhelmed with challenges and setbacks during the backward, trickster movement of Mercury.  With Mercury retrograde in the Fixed sign of Taurus, it is more than likely that we can become quite Bull-headed in our perspective, solidly sustaining a stubborn stance in resistance of changes that threaten our sense of inner security.  Though this Mercury Retrograde never forms a major aspect with the Mars Retrograde concurrently happening, Mercury Retrograde does station retrograde in exact polarity to the degree of Scorpio that Mars will station direct at in the end of June.  Furthermore, when Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus, its ruler Venus is at the end of Aries in the sign of Mars.  The inner fire of Mars Retrograde that burns off the inessential, combined with the Mercury Retrograde absorption into our perceptual core senses, will open stored memories in need of processing that underlie the desires we are consciously working out in the Mars Retrograde.

yaroslav forest

by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

in time of daffodils (who know
the goal of living is to grow)
forgetting why,remember how

in time of lilacs who proclaim
the aim of waking is to dream,
remember so(forgetting seem)

in time of roses(who amaze
our now and here with paradise)
forgetting if,remember yes

in time of all sweet things beyond
whatever mind may comprehend,
remember seek(forgetting find)

and in a mystery to be
(when time from time shall set us free)
forgetting me,remember me

—e.e. cummings

Memory moves Mercury.  Indeed, Hermes in the myth of his origin enchanted Apollo with a song eulogizing Mnemosyne, Titanesss of Memory and Mother of Muses, played on the lyre he invented from a tortoise shell.  Memories held in the body, the memory of an ideal consummation sustained in the sensual folds of our mind, will rise to awareness in the retrograde rumination of Mercury. Memories allow us to revisit faded fields of passion and sorrow, and though the tactile faculties of our mind can allow the glow of a memory to override full presence in the moment, significant memories in need of processing will make themselves known during the sluggish retrograde of Mercury.  We will not be able to resist certain memories in need of replaying in our minds during this retrograde, but we can do the inner work necessary to transform the possessive side of Taurus that can become overly attached to nostalgia rather than opening to the changes underway.

The Mercurial function turned inward in the instinctual sign of Taurus will facilitate our diverse senses taking predominance in the making of meaning over our rational mind, including those sensitivities labeled psychic for want of a clearer term. Just as Mercury in alchemy conjoins the animating spirit with the earthly body, the prima materia of our full bodily presence will bring nonverbal insight into the world-creating spirit concealed in material forms.  Just as Hermes was born in a cave, just as subterranean caves were the temples of our ancestors where Spirit was received in the flesh, so will we descend to the subconscious place where tomb meets womb and where the death of the past gives rise to a reborn consciousness.

Since Mercury retrograde in Taurus is ruled by the transiting Venus, it is vital to reflect upon the significance that Venus in Taurus will be under the beams of the Sun during the retrograde, getting closer each day to her eventual union with our Solar Light.  Adam Gainsburg in his book The Light of Venus called the phase Venus is in with the Sun during the Mercury Retrograde “Immersion,” stating it is the period in the Heroine’s Journey in which “The Queen of Heaven is pulled away from the world by an inward force, and prepares to rediscover Her divine essence from within.”  As we unearth deeply held memories in the body of our essentiality, we can stop hiding our feelings and shift to a space of directly going after what we want and living from our authentic feelings.  In these ways the Mercury retrograde in the survival-focused sign of Taurus can help build greater self-reliance and resiliency.

Remedios Varo solar music

Musica Solar by Remedies Varo

Mercury in the Heart of the Sun

The REBIRTH of Mercury that occurs during its retrograde through Taurus is not your everyday Inferior Conjunction of Mercury, but rather is the legendary Transit of Mercury that only occurs about thirteen times every century.  The Transit of Mercury is similar to Mercury eclipsing our Sun, except Mercury from our perspective is far too small to come anywhere close to the blackening effect the Moon makes upon the Sun during an eclipse.  Just as the Moon has nodes, and the nodes are the zodiac degrees that mark where eclipses occur, so do all of the planets possess nodes.  The Inferior Conjunction of Mercury occurs on 9 May 2016 at 19°25′ Taurus, which is within a degree of the Heliocentric South Node of Mercury.  The last time the Transit of Mercury happened was in November 2006 when it occurred in Scorpio conjoining the North Node of Mercury, and the next time it will occur will be in November 2019 when it will also be conjoining the North Node of Mercury.

There is an interesting aspect to the Heliocentric planetary nodes in which the North Node of Mars and South Node of Mercury are both in Taurus around nineteen degrees.  With Mars retrograde occurring simultaneously, the heart of this particular Mercury Retrograde activates the full arc of the Mercury and Mars archetypes. The North Node ascent for Mars in Taurus points toward self-reliance and centering within one’s essential values, having the patience and fortitude to live from a core place of integrity rather than losing touch with one’s authenticity through external entanglements and desires.  In contrast, the South Node of Mercury being Taurus reveals inner senses, bodily instincts, sensory impressions, and memories as being the source of the Mercury archetype.  There are very supportive aspects surrounding Mercury when it enters the heart of the Sun, as it is in trine to Pluto in Capricorn, in sextile to the South Node of the Moon and Chiron in Pisces, and in trine to the North Node of the Moon and Jupiter in Virgo: open without resistance to what is arising from within and discover what Hermes has left for you.


When Mercury retrograde unites with the Sun it is directly in between the orbit of Earth with the Sun, signifying a magical moment of new conception for Mercurial functions.  Once Mercury gets to be a degree away from the Sun on either side, we arrive at the potent time of cazimi in which the significations of Mercury are fortified in the purifying solar rays.  This is a beautiful time to initiate new growth or simply meditate or attune within, so plan accordingly if possible for May 9.  This particular union of Mercury with the Sun is even more auspicious because Venus in Taurus is applying toward a conjunction with Mercury when it enters the heart of the Sun, and Jupiter is also stationing direct simultaneously in the home of Mercury in range of a trine to Mercury.

Jupiter stationing direct at this time holds a thread with the previous Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn that occurred in January 2016, as Jupiter stationed retrograde at that time.  The Jupiter retrograde from January 8 – May 9, 2016 has brought opportunities to realign with inner, personal truth, and so this magical moment of Mercury will also illuminate our present sense of Jupiter vision and meaning.  In the collective, one omen of this period has been the death of two Mercurial Geniuses of Music and the Muses:  David Bowie and Prince.

man ray plume

Plume (1942) by Man Ray

Mercury Stations Direct

After Mercury begins to slowly retrograde away from its Inferior Conjunction with the Sun, it begins to transition into its Morning Star phase which will commence around the time that Mercury stations direct on 22 May 2016.  In between Mercury’s union with the Sun on May 9 and its stationing direct on May 22, there is a distinctly powerful timeframe around May 12 and May 13 when Venus unites with Mercury retrograde in Taurus while simultaneously forming an exact trine with Pluto in Capricorn (with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo not too far away in Virgo to create a Grand Earth Trine).  This period will be full of important messages to decipher concerning the culminating meaning found within Mercury’s retrograde in the domicile of Venus.

When Mercury arises from the underworld with a flash of light at Dawn, the sibyls of Hermes transmit a message to receive as Mercury switches roles into that of a day-focused herald intent on clarifying goals in the light of the Sun.  With unbelievable synchronicity, Mercury stations direct on the same day that Mars enters the heart of its retrograde cycle, being exactly opposite the Sun.  Furthermore, the day before this eventful stationing day, there will be a Full Moon at the 1-2 degree of Sagittarius that hits immediately after the Sun enters Gemini, the solar home of Mercury.  All together, this means that both the Moon and Mercury are bringing indescribable levels of intensity to the meaning found in the heart of this Mars Retrograde cycle: the lesson to be learned, the message to receive, will be impossible to miss.

The period following Mercury stationing direct, when Mercury gains traction in its rousing rooster role of Morning Star, is full of the type of epic astrological aspects that demarcate defining shifts in the collective narrative.  Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius form an exact last quarter square on May 26, four days after the Winged Messenger stations direct, and this last quarter square also involves Neptune in Pisces forming an opposition to Jupiter as well as a last quarter square with Saturn.  This t-square between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune signifies an extraordinary change in collective consciousness that will be deeply felt on a personal level, and could very well provoke a sense of crisis. However, the larger message found within these aspects is a reorientation to the authentic trajectory your life can take in the next five years and beyond.  As a result, the Mercury Retrograde in Taurus serves as a vital inner recalibration to the massive change happening.

Finally, the Hathor asteroid again surfaces in prominence in the week leading up to Mercury stationing direct, conjoining the retrograde Mercury around May 16 -17, 2016.  Remembering that Hathor entered Taurus just as Mercury stationed retrograde and initially was moving along closely with Venus, it is compelling that Hathor and Mercury get closer together throughout the retrograde and finally make their exchange in the period leading up to the stationing direct.  The synchronicity of the Hathor asteroid weaving herself significantly within this potent Mercury Retrograde delights me more than words can express in this article.  No matter the grief and suffering you may be enduring at the moment in reflection of everything that has not gone the way you have desired, the presence of Hathor with this Mercury retrograde augurs that joy and exuberance can once again be embodied if you align with the movements opened up by the thrice great trickster and Psychopomp, Mercury.

He whose desire turns away from outer things, reaches the place of the soul. If he does not find the soul, the horror of emptiness will overcome him, and fear will drive him with a whip lashing time and again in a desperate endeavor and a blind desire for the hollow things of the world. He becomes a fool through his endless desire, and forgets the way of his soul, never to find her again. He will run after all things, and will seize hold of them, but he will not find his soul, since he would find her only in himself. Truly his soul lies in things and men, but the blind one seizes things and men, yet not his soul in things and men. He has no knowledge of his soul. How could he tell her apart from things and men? He could find his soul in desire itself, but not in the objects of desire. If he possessed his desire, and his desire did not possess him, he would lay a hand on his soul, since his desire is the image and expression of his soul.

–Carl Jung, from The Red Book: Liber Novus


Banville, John. (2009). The Infinities. Alfred A. Knopf.

cummings, e.e. (1994). Selected Poems. Liveright.

Gainsburg, Adam. (2012). The Light of Venus.  Soulsign.

Jung, Carl. (2009). The Red Book: Liber Novus. Edited by Sonu Shamdasani. Norton.

Rilke, Rainer Maria. (2004). Sonnets to Orpheus. Translated by Edward Snow. North Point Press.

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  1. Thanks for the illuminating writing on Mercury. I have been an amateur in studying this fascinating subject, you make it all so relatable. Love the quote from the Red Book now this quote I know like the interior of my HEART. Desire and what we desire identifies who and what I AM. As always I appreciate your view and expertise.

  2. I was just dreaming that I had let a family with 3 or 4 lovely children move into my house. The father was showing me tucked away little garden areas around the house where he and the children had brought in fresh soil and planted pockets of green little seedlings. I said “Oh look you have planted a garden already!”
    It was a happy, innocent dream of Mercury and Taurus.
    The Hathor statue is exquisite!

    • I am mesmerized by the Hathor menat, including that it is a counterpoise- so beautiful. This is some additional information about it:
      “The menat is a ritual necklace, which consists of multiple strings of beads attached to a counterweight, also called a menat, shaped like a pendulum. The necklace could be worn by the goddess Hathor or by others associated with her, or her priestesses and eventually elite women could hold the counterweight in the hand to shake the beads to produce a rattling sound soothing to the goddess. The counterweight alone was a magical symbol of the goddess Hathor, and in the New Kingdom small menats were dedicated to the goddess by those visiting her sanctuaries.

      This fine openwork example includes three representations of the goddess, fully detailed on both sides: the goddess’s head at the top of the menat underscores the identity of the menat as a fetish of the goddess Hathor, a full anthropomorphic figure of the goddess appears inside the central frame, and a third figure of the goddess in her cow form moves through the papyrus marshes in a light reed boat. The features of the goddess head at the top allow it to be assigned to the reign of Amenhotep III.

      As a symbol of the goddess, the menat brought fertility, fostered the newly born and rebirth in the afterlife.”

      • Thank-you for that info, it is fascinating. It is heartening to know that Hathor is strong in her domain at this time.

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      • Awesome. Well that make sense with you and your chart, doesn’t it. You must be going through an incredible Jupiter return by the way, with all the aspects happening with it. The Taurus New Moon coming has a nice trine to your Jupiter so hope that is good for you. Though if I am remember right you are not such a fan of the trines, haha.

        • I got 60 days notice on the 2nd. Where I live is being taken over by vacation rentals, so I need to move out-of-state to lower my costs. I don’t really have the money. It’s hard. It’s been hard. Honestly, one eruption after the other and my chart hasn’t stopped being hit pretty hard… I see this as a big opportunity to actually be in a position to thrive and grow… if I can only get there.

          • Well, I see that Saturn is making hard aspects to your Virgo, plus Neptune opposite your Sun. You are in a Jupiter return period, with the final Jupiter return to come after Jupiter begins to finally move away from Saturn and Neptune later on. I do see some supportive transits at the moment though. I think it is an opportunity ultimately, like you said if you can manage to get through this period. Move out of state? So there is just a huge unknown, anything can happen potential. My housing is stable at the moment but I have also gone through great loss in recent period that at the same time I maybe could see as an opportunity, just in terms of with great destruction can come great creation. So I am with you on that. I hope you can figure something out that works for you. It is true this could lead to something big in the end for you. But yeah I get that with all the financial stress and not knowing how to do it. Do you have any idea which direction you may move? If you head toward the Pacific Northwest let me know. Since Saturn to me seems the main culprit, there isn’t really anything you can do except work really hard and face whatever is happening, Saturn doesn’t really let it happen any other way. Mars making its way back to your Uranus can really shake something up for you too at end of June going through July, which sounds like your timeframe for the move.

    • Thank you Kelsey, I really appreciate the validation on this one. I felt really good about this article more so than others I’ve written, but it hasn’t gotten nearly as many views as others according to the stats. Though who knows what those stats really mean. It seems the New Moon / Full Moon ones I write are more popular, but anyway this one meant a lot to me and so I am very pleased you enjoyed it. If I can satisfy a super Virgo stellium including Virgo Mercury like yourself about Mercury it is a good sign for me.

      • gray, i do think all the rx energies, particularly merc, may be what those stats mean. i had to uninstall my browser after 3 days of being frozen out of the internet (!) and feel like it will be a mountain climb to get through what i have missed (like this post of yours, not material to be rushed through, by any means). i also, for the 1st time in *years*, had zero visitors to my site two days ago. as we acclimate, this should pass. your work is greatly appreciated [from another big virgo stellium ;)]

        • Thank you, I really appreciate it. I am so sorry to hear of your computer difficulties. I have heard a few people who have their own websites and online business already mention this in relation to this Mercury Retrograde. I feel that Mercury Retrograde can be overhyped in negativity, but it is true that some technological challenges do occur. I think regarding this article when I write the longer ones less people probably want to take the time reading it, whereas since I keep my Moon ones simpler they take less time to read. I am sure your blog will regain a healthy viewership soon! Thank you for your comment- that is neat you have a lot of Virgo- I have a lot of Pisces without Virgo and so it is always good for me to interact with Virgo.
          all my best,

          • i know just what you mean re: virgo/pisces axis. it is so good for us to know/live the ‘other side’. i have been pleased (and humored!) to watch chapters in the lives of virgos and pisces take on literally the opposite manifestations. i became much more (perhaps too much) piscean for a time and now hope i am living a more balanced hub-life and a strong-pisces friend went textbook virgo when a long awaited child was conceived – and is now nearly 3. we all chuckle at how particular and perfect everything must now be!
            i do think that ‘now’ is a matter of all the retro energies, not just merc, and hope that we can all use this time as prep for the shift near the end of the month. it can be tough to sense that some kind of treasure is in front of us but we need just the right angle of gaze to see it and use it. i believe that just the desire to do so is somehow enough in the long term.
            thanks so much again for grounding and weaving all that the skies reflect.

            • Yeah, I think interacting with Virgo people is helpful for me. Virgo is my fourth house and I don’t have any planets in Virgo, but it is my 4th House and IC so very important for me. Since I have a lot of Pisces the Virgo connection to the moment is key for me. I hope we do find some treasure in this period!

      • It’s one of the most illuminating astrology articles I’ve ever read. I even looked to reblog it, but for some reason couldn’t find how. (I have a lot on my plate; I could be missing something.)

        • I disengaged the reblog function on my blog because I heard from someone that it isn’t a good idea to let people reblog as it means your get demoted even further in search engines. No idea if that is true or not, but I saw that you made the link and I “approved” it so it should be good to go now. Thank you for sharing it on your blog, I really appreciate you taking the time. And for sharing your praise with me! Thank you.

  4. An excellent article. It’s brings resonance and greater clarity to thoughts and feelings and sometimes an “outside” observation/approach helps support and validate ones process of growth. Many thanks

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  8. well, that’s interesting….less traffic but more personal “chat” than is sometimes the case. I find I can’t be at all in a hurry or fuzzy brained when I read your articles, Gray – sometimes I forget to come back to them if I’ve been overwhelmed at first view. my sense of time is doing something weird lately…have you written more articles in one month than usual? or is it my sense of time? I went back and had another look at your Mars Retrograde piece, linked to the Merc. Rx. piece….I am totally in love with that Graves’ Bird with Void. This is very much how I feel lately. A good feeling. ha ha it sort of also comes with the opposite feeling! “bird brained”, tho. Things feel fluent, things feel full of potential, what has been hard doesn’t do an endless handshake with resistance. I reckon whatever has taken a life time to stop grating, as reflected in one of my yods (Mars at the anaretic degree, Pluto at the anaretic degree, Mercury) is kind of melding into some more confluent recognition of shape of self with the mirror….like you say with your choice of poems in this one as well….recognizing yourself in the mirror, or not, has myriad ways to go, and can be a struggle.
    I also have natal Venus in Taurus…so maybe, despite the fact of the material being somewhat of a thorn in my side, this is highlighting some of that feeling of ease (which I am not accustomed to!) and goes somehow with the less resistance thing.
    Thanks for approving the link in the Cuckoo piece….I am coping with my tendency to feel hysterical when I can’t master something technical….and with my perfectionistic tendencies (Virgo Rising)…I wiped that article out because I am still trying to figure out how to actually place it in the right place within the website – efforts so far involved simply super-imposing everything I wrote onto the home page. Kind of cool collage effect….total chaos but!
    Hope you are well, hope you are doing ok with the loss you referred to, and, on the eve of watching my youngest daughter go to grief that her best friend is moving back to the States, and remembering a very similar space when I was 15, I am reminded that as you say, depth comes with those wild sunken places; but I also know how hard it is to cross what feels like a void between that knowing, and raw experience.

    • Thank you, Genevieve. Yes depth does come with wild sunken places, and I have had a lot of struggles with difficult feelings in this past period of time coupled with a lot of growth in areas of my life. I also love that Morris Graves painting with the bird and void, glad you like it. Best of luck to you with your new website!

  9. also, thanks for the heads up re. Mercury transit. Have just watched it on the tv…..very cool. NO WONDER I have the issues I do (mercury conjunct sun in gemini; virgo rising). Me to a t. AMAZING, too, to see how dwarfed by the sun it is.

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