NORWAC 2019: Psyche & Eros

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Psyche & Eros: the Fall of Venus & Mercury

I’m excited to announce I will be speaking at the 2019 Northwest Astrological Conference to be held May 24 – 27, 2019 in Seattle, WA (well, technically at the Southcenter Doubletree Suites).

NORWAC always has a welcoming atmosphere and features many fantastic speakers at the 2019 gathering. Check the full schedule here.

I will be speaking Saturday, May 25 at 3:45 pm on “Psyche and Eros: the Fall of Venus and Mercury.” I will be using the “Psyche and Eros” story contained in the Hellenistic novel The Golden Ass by Apuleius to bring a more poetic, imaginative understanding to the meaning of “fall” placements. Venus and Mercury form a polarity of exaltation and fall along the Pisces and Virgo axis, with Venus being exalted in Pisces and in fall in Virgo, and Mercury being exalted in Virgo and in fall in Pisces. Since Aphrodite and Eros are the mythic fish in the Pisces constellation, and the two main co-stars of Psyche in the “Psyche and Eros” story, the ancient tale will serve as a medium to deepen our understanding of what having Venus or Mercury in their “fall” can mean. I’ve felt for years that people can have a difficult time understanding what it means to have a planet in “fall,” and the rather dry traditional style of citing text giving extremely negative examples doesn’t help. As a result I’ll be taking a more symbolic route that remains connected to the astrological tradition of “fall” placements.


What meaning can be found in the fall of Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Pisces? This talk will imaginally explore the nuances of Venus and Mercury in their fall through the telling of the tale Psyche and Eros. Eros and Aphrodite are the fish in the Pisces constellation and Psyche’s co-stars in her underworld journey into wholeness through the daimon of love. We’ll dive into the challenges and gifts found in the “fallen” polarity of Virgo and Pisces.

I hope to see you there! To register and book a room at the hotel where the conference will be held, go to

3 thoughts on “NORWAC 2019: Psyche & Eros

  1. Hi Gray,
    Wow. I can’t think of a lecture I would more like to hear. I will definitely be there.
    I’ve been feeling for awhile that in this time of transformation of structures, our astrological community is seeking a new way of relating to our classical tradition. Seems like you are on the cutting edge of finding a transformation, or marriage of the opposites. I am so glad we have your help in this. I’m also looking forward to your presentation this season at WSAA!
    all best,

  2. Dear Gray,

    Your talk looks like just what the doctor ordered since I have my Venus in Virgo, Conjunct Neptune in the fourth house.

    However I can’t make it to hear your talk. Are you planning to make a CD of it? If so I would like to put

    my name on a list for it. You have given me a reading in the past which I so enjoyed and would like to hear

    your comments on this.

    I have had my troubles with this placement, however at this point in my life, 84, I am

    using it for my art, since love relationships have been challenging. I am planning to give an art show next year

    exhibiting a series of paintings on our Goddess, the Statue of Liberty. They are coming along nicely.

    Also I am familiar with the Golden Ass by Aupulelius and referred to it years ago when I was struggling

    with my Venus in Virgo.

    Have a wonderful talk and let me know if you plan to tape it.

    My Best Wishes,

    Sara Taft 310-454-0069


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