Aquarian mythos on the Hermetic Astrology Podcast



Hapi, Egyptian deity of the inundation of the Nile

Myths of the Aquarius Constellation

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gary Caton on the Hermetic Astrology Podcast exploring various myths associated with the Aquarius constellation. For the most part we focused upon Ganymede in Greek culture, Enki in Mesopotamian culture, and Hapi in Egyptian culture, as well as the ancient association of a cataclysmic Great Flood with Aquarius. We also talk about some of the ideas linked to C.G. Jung’s conception of the Age of Aquarius, and how his idea of the union of opposites can also be connected to the mythology of Aquarius.  I experienced a greater opening in understanding Aquarius through researching these myths and my conversation with Gary, and hope that you do too! If you haven’t listened to Gary’s Hermetic Astrology Podcast before, I recommend checking it out. Click here to listen.


Enki, second on the right with water flowing from shoulders, has ancient associations with the Aquarius constellation and its watery section of the night sky

In the podcast I referenced my friend Jason Holley and his talk about the Ganymede myth in relation to the Aquarius archetype. If interested you can order his talk on Aquarius from Astrology University by clicking here.


Ganymede Waters Zeus as an Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldsen


2 thoughts on “Aquarian mythos on the Hermetic Astrology Podcast

  1. This is a wonderfully rich conversation, thank you. It’s amazing to me how the threads of the web of life are drawn together to support and connect us.
    The images of salt and fresh water coming into contact to produce new life, and the subterranean springs and aquifers are very beautiful. But what I love most of all is the idea that we ought to allow newness to flow in, to rejuvenate us, without allowing ourselves to become waterlogged, or cast away, adrift on the sea of the unconscious.
    Marie Louise von Franz wrote about “the miraculous ship” in her book The Cat, as metaphor for the necessity of having something (like philosophy, religion or Jungian psychology) to cling to when we embark upon a journey into the imaginal realms.
    This could be linked to the helmsman who is able to steer and guide us through the unknown territories in which we find ourselves.
    James Hillman wrote in the Soul’s Code
    “Sophia had a most practical meaning, referring originally to the crafts of handling things, especially to the helmsman who steers the boat. The wise one steers well; the wisdom of the helmsman shows in the art of making minor adjustments in accord with accidents of water, wind and weight. The daimon teaches this wisdom by constant appraisals of events that seem to pull you off course. This is also philosophy: the love of making little corrections, little integrations of what seems not to fit in… These accidental movements neither hinder nor advance the main project. Rather they reshape it’s form, as it the course and the boat itself were being restructured by the soul’s responses to the events of life.”
    To me this is the essence of evolution and individuation. To be using the tools and skills we have accrued, to hear and feel the wind as it changes direction, to watch the stars, all in order to correct our course and help us to navigate the waters, the waves.
    I know Demetra George likened the Lord of the Ascendant to the helmsman in a talk she gave last year.
    And the helmsman could too be linked to Hermes himself in his guide as ferryman.
    So the point is, for me at least, to retrieve clues to follow, threads to pull, seeds to plant
    To Return (a la JC’s Hero’s Journey) with something of meaning value importance made manifest
    Something to integrate and embody that can then be witnessed by others

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Zoe! I’m glad you found our conversation interesting. I also like the same aspect you mentioned, about letting the Water Pourer renew and rejuvenate us rather than becoming flooded by unconscious forces. I like how you are linking in the helmsman and Hermes here – I wasn’t expecting us to start talking about Mercury as the night triplicity ruler of Aquarius but am really glad it came up. I’ve been thinking about it more, and very much like the thoughts you shared here of Mercury being a guide and retriever. So if someone is born at night with Aquarius rising, though Saturn would be the helmsman as domicile ruler, Mercury would be the triplicity ruler and so would also be offering insight into available support for the life.

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