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I will be speaking as part of an exemplary gathering of astrologers at the 2021 Northwest Astrological Conference (NORWAC) that will take place from May 27 – 31, 2021. It will be a virtual conference and so there are no travel costs associated and you will be able to watch recordings of all the lectures following the live event.

If you have not yet bought a ticket now is the time, for the early registration discount ends on April 30. Go to the NORWAC site to register.

My talk is entitled “Oracular Light: Heliacal Rising and Setting Planets” and is scheduled for Friday, May 28 at 4:30 pm.  It’s a topic that has fascinated me for years and continues to show up as an important aspect of my consultations.

Anyone with a heliacal rising or setting planet has a more intensified experience with that planetary deity. At these important planetary phases, the divine being of the planet makes its presence strongly felt in the world. It can be oracular in terms of the planet strongly speaking and acting through the life of the person. In mundane events there are important messages to decipher.

Description: This talk will explore the meaning of planets arising in light after being invisible (heliacal rising) and planets making their final appearance before descending into darkness (heliacal setting). We’ll examine the importance and nuances of their interpretation in natal astrology, including how they make a crucial statement regarding one’s purpose and calling in life. We’ll also discover how to utilize secondary progressions to determine pivotal time periods in the life of those born with a heliacal rising or setting planet.

Above image by Michelle Doucette aka @thedreamingcanvas on Instagram

2 thoughts on “NORWAC 2021

  1. Congratulations Gray!!! I can’t afford that conference but I think I might have a heliacal thing happening – do you do readings? Let me know!

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