New Moon in Sagittarius


Bed 1 (1990) by Fernando D. Guibert

Sagittarius New Moon

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29 weaves transitions between the astrological dynamics that have dominated 2016 and the coming themes of 2017.  The New Moon is square to both Neptune and the transiting lunar nodes, in the same degrees of Sagittarius that Mars previously stationed retrograde in April 2016.  The Sagittarius New Moon also forms a square to the Solar Eclipse in Virgo that occurred in September 2016, and the Solar Eclipse in Pisces that will occur in February 2017.  The blackness of the Sagittarius Moon draws us inward to accept the circumstances of our life and everything that has correspondingly been stirred up from within during this past year.  Many unexpected things have happened during a year of incredible mutable activation in astrology, and as we let go of what we had expected and open to what has now arisen, a new perspective will begin to coalesce and clarify the meaning of all the changes that have come about in 2016 so far.  The intuitive capacities inherent in Sagittarius support witnessing and observing all of our inner feelings and coming to a sense of fresh vision and meaning that will bring inspiration in the coming months.  There is a whirlwind of transpersonal, outer planet activation in tandem with the Sagittarius New Moon that makes exploration of our unconscious and everything we have been keeping out of conscious awareness imperative.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter in Libra as Jupiter has initiated its first square with Pluto in Capricorn and is en route to form an opposition with Uranus in Aries.  Jupiter in Libra is also in trine with Mars in Aquarius, and both Mars and Jupiter are in sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius.  These are incredibly potent and catalyzing surrounding transits for Jupiter that not only taps Jupiter into subconscious motivations and soulful desires, but also presents Jupiter with harmonious aspects to ground and manifest vision into tangible projects and results.  These aspects support opening awareness and communication, being willing to accept nonlinear perceptions and insights that transcend the normal confines we limit our consciousness to.  Instead of merely projecting the contents of our psyche being activated, it will be helpful to sit with, embrace and live with all of our desires, taking the responsibility to be accountable for our own feelings.  There is potent power available within these transits that can be utilized to bring one’s creative gifts into the surrounding world as well as support and protect the livelihood of others we care about.

Created using eddy's pixelmaxx

Frida Kahlo (1939) The Two Fridas

Heart of the Scorpion

The New Moon in Sagittarius is conjoining the royal star Antares, known as the Heart of the Scorpion.  Antares has been a vital astrological factor in 2016, as Mars stationed retrograde at the same degree as Antares in April 2016, and in August 2016 both Mars and Saturn conjoined in our night sky near Antares.  In combination with the recent Full Moon in Taurus that was aligned with the degrees of Scorpio that Mars stationed direct in June 2016, the transition from the previous Taurus Full Moon into the Sagittarius New Moon has reawakened the meaning of the Mars retrograde of 2016 that was aligned with Antares, introducing important new information and events that reshape what we have learned from our experience.  Antares brings an intensity that will make the lessons we need to accept and learn from impossible to resist at this New Moon.

Bernadette Brady in her book on fixed stars wrote that Antares was associated with Yima (aka Yama), the god of the dead, by the Persians.  Correspondingly, Brady wrote that Antares naturally catalyzes purification through “a cleansing life-and-death experience,” and evokes desire to seek the deepest depths of intensity in life.  The Sagittarius New Moon aligned with Antares opens potential to purge and burn off past issues and complexes that have been weighing us down over the course of the past year.  Feeling within our body and inner recesses, there is healing to be found in receiving the truth of what life is now offering us instead of struggling to change what has already come to pass. The asteroid Juno is also conjoining Antares and the Sagittarius New Moon, signifying that important realizations are available through our relationships into what we need and want in the relationships we make lasting commitments within.

Antares has had a long association with Mars and Jupiter in astrology going back to the time of Ptolemy, and has also been associated with a fierce fighting spirit.  All four of the Royal Stars of Persia warn against hubris, and in Antares the downfall traditionally has been seen as obstinate attachment to headstrong martial force that leads ultimately to unnecessary destruction.    Yet since Antares also signifies strong mental sharpness and strategizing, the resiliently tough correspondences of Antares can also be used to strengthen the resolve of one’s inner warrior, as long as consideration is taken to not be overly self righteous, stubborn, and egotistical.


Remedios Varo (1942) Magic Grotto

Venus square Uranus

Venus in Capricorn takes center stage at the Sagittarius New Moon, tightly applying to a square with Uranus after having initiated a new phase with Pluto during the waning of the Moon that led into the New Moon.  Venus in Capricorn formed a conjunction with Pluto at the same time that Jupiter in Libra formed a square with Pluto, dredging up deep relational patterns while uncovering liberating insights regarding what we want and need in relationship.  To fully embody and realize the meaning from contact between Venus and Uranus, we need to allow ourselves to become catalyzed by contact within our relationships as well as create space for ourselves to observe what has been stirred up within in order to receive the corresponding inner knowing.

There is support within all of the surrounding astrological transits to expand the parameters of Venus in our life, not only gaining awareness for what we value and what will bring us pleasure, but also sensing how we can move beyond previous limitations to find outlets for its expression and manifestation.  With Uranus impacting Venus so strongly, there is an unexpected quality in which we will discover Venusian meaning from unlikely sources.  Instead of judging where our sense of Venus is coming from, be open to embrace the message because there is likely to be a significant unconscious quality that had been previously barred from conscious awareness.


Georgia O’Keeffe (1944) Black Place II

Saturn and Neptune

As the Moon begins to wax at the initial stages of the forthcoming lunation cycle, it will pass over a conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius.  Each subsequent day the Sun will get closer and closer to a conjunction with Saturn, eventually forming a conjunction on December 10.   The Sun will form a square to Neptune the day after the New Moon, and so the Sagittarius New Moon re-activates the square between Neptune and Saturn that has been a dominant theme of 2016.  While there has been extraordinary disillusionment on collective and personal levels in correlation with the square between Neptune and Saturn, the resulting dissolving and dislodging of formerly solid structures is opening new pathways and potentials with which to reorient and restructure.

The Sagittarius New Moon is best utilized by honestly accepting our present circumstances and allowing ourselves to observe and learn from what the present moment of our life story is teaching us.  Being in denial will be even more toxic than normal at this New Moon.  The Sagittarius Sun approaching Saturn is an opportunity to make a thorough review of our life and what is working well versus what needs modification.  Aiding an ability to grasp a far reaching overview of our present circumstances is Mercury in Sagittarius having recently separated from a trine with Uranus and Ceres in Aries at the New Moon.


8 of Wands by Pamela Colman Smith

Sagittarius 1 Decan

The first face of Sagittarius holds the New Moon and is associated with the 8 of Wands card illustrated above by Pamela Colman Smith.  The 8 of Wands card contains an abstract image of velocity found in angularly jutting wands, and the associated meaning of the card involves the speed of thought and imagination applied to a passionate goal.   Austin Coppock in his book on the decans 36 Faces ascribed the image of “The Poisoned Arrow” to the first face of Sagittarius, writing that “the essence of this decan entails the swift emergence of a motivating vision and the attainment of a vehicle to move one toward the pictured goal,” as the “fire that enters the mind enflames it, purging the grosser levels of being as it descends” (p. 193-4).   Coppock wrote that the Moon in the first decan of Sagittarius desires a philosophical and spiritual quest that will bring personal meaning, and accordingly requires goals and targets that will unify energy in alignment with one’s vision for life.

Fittingly, the first face of Sagittarius is ruled by Mercury, signifying its rapid pace. During the coming lunation cycle Mercury will become one of the most significant astrological factors, as Mercury will enter Capricorn and approach a conjunction with Pluto before stationing retrograde on December 19.  Until then, Mercury will be available as a discerning Evening Star capable of digesting meaning from the experiences of each day.  Evening Star Mercury in Sagittarius and Capricorn will be able to perceive insights from within our bodies, our dreams, and by grounding our perception into the surrounding forms of our material world, synthesizing important realization.  As Mercury slows down to a standstill as it approaches Pluto, our perception will be able to delve into the depths of our desires, and yet whatever careful plans we have made will need to become open to the shifting that Mercury retrograde brings.   Align intention at the New Moon in Sagittarius with whatever brings you the greatest meaning in life, with understanding that the coming lunar cycle will be bringing numerous unexpected events and experiences not capable of being planned for at the moment.


Brady, Bernadette. (1998). Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars. Weiser.

Coppock, Austin. (2014). 36 Faces: The History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans. Three Hands Press.

13 thoughts on “New Moon in Sagittarius

  1. Gray, I so appreciate your perspectives on the fixed stars and asteroids. Your passage under “Heart of the Scorpion” described my New Moon day perfectly. Been working at burning old stories and struggles in the furnace of disciplined warriorship, meanwhile a new relationship is catalyzing a whole new self awareness. All within the last 24 hours! As an astrologer myself, I haven’t integrated the fixed stars into my readings but have been witnessing their power lately. If I may ask, what orbs are common for fixed stars in natal maps? Thanks again Gray, great work!

    • Thank you, it is wonderful to hear that this resonated with you! I have had a somewhat similar experience to what you describe in recent past as well. I feel relationships are catalyzing a lot right now, and as a result its important to not get caught up in projecting and instead turn within for the self awareness you describe. With Antares I’ve been getting a strong sense this past year that it ultimately brings a purifying cleansing its just there is incredible intensity as part of the process, like something deep that is wounding you at core has to be pulled out of you for the healing to finally take place. With regards to orbs, I feel with fixed stars they need to be pretty tight. A one degree orb makes it all the more powerful, but I would also extend it out to maybe three degrees. I think you could possibly extend it farther than that if there was some good reason to do so, but I do think with fixed stars you want the orbs pretty tight. I recommend Bernadette Brady’s work with the fixed stars, to my knowledge she is the best out there on the subject. Thank you for commenting!

    • Thank you Linda, it is nice to hear from you ❤

      I also love the art in this one and am fully satisfied with the pieces. I always want to find art that matches how I am feeling about the transits and this time around I was able to do so. Also the more I thought about Frida's twin masterpiece in relation to Antares the more I have felt it really captures something about the way it connects with this New Moon. Frida brings the needed intensity and catharsis for Antares.

      I hope you are doing well, Linda. all my best, Gray

  2. Hi Gray, I just discovered your website today and really appreciate this article. I’m a student of astrology myself but haven’t yet begun to study the fixed stars. I’m curious as to why Antares is associated with Mars & Jupiter rather than Pluto? Based on your and Brady’s description Antares “catalyzes purification through ‘a cleansing life-and-death experience,’ and evokes desire to seek the deepest depths of intensity in life”.

    To me, I see the Plutonian archetype of “facing one’s subconscious, often brutal truth” in operation over the energetic Martian drive (let alone any type of Jupiter association, which I actually don’t see at all based on what you’ve written). Just curious as to the reason behind this association. Thank you again.

    • Hello Kevin, thank you for your comment. Remember that Pluto was not discovered until many centuries later than the time of Ptolemy and the development of astrology. I think that out of the four Royal Stars that you are correct that Pluto would have the most resonance with Antares. From my understanding the combination of Mars and Jupiter does make sense with Antares- it is fierce and has fighting spirit, and that cleansing purification does to me connect with Mars and Jupiter. Think of Jupiter as inner knowing, gnosis of heart and mind, with Mars the fiery heat that is alchemical and can melt things down, and so in combination Mars and Jupiter can bring about a purifying cleansing that feels intense. In addition, one reason for Mars to be linked is clearly the bright red color of Antares, and since it is a bright star, perhaps that is also a reason to bring in Jupiter from a visual sense. I also have a friend with their Moon exactly on Antares and they did tell me that Mars and Jupiter makes sense for them.

  3. No one could ever accuse you of doing anything in half-measures. I came back to this article to gain some understanding of the chaotic crazy conflicting energies whirling around me these past few days. All I can do is resolve issues and laugh. Resolve issues and laugh. Fantastic opportunity, followed by what seems to be catastrophe which turns out to be opportunity. Honestly, wow. I can see why people my age are getting sick and/or leaving the planet. But I’m made of (much) stronger stuff. But. Wow. Aloha, Gray. Thanks for the verbal hand-hold through these unprecedented times!

    • Wow sounds like you have been having a wild time! I know I have been having a lot stirred up for me and I keep doing my best to make the space to explore it within and let my Self integrate it and all associated unconscious elements as best as possible. My experience with this is somewhat similar to your phrase of “resolve and laugh” which sounds like a good method! It is such a wild time in general right now! And December is going to have plenty more wildness in store for us with the astrology. I do love the fact that Mars in Aquarius right now is making harmonious aspects with Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries, and so there can be some great forward momentum also generated right now.

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