Legacy of “Cosmos and Psyche” by Rick Tarnas on the Celestial Vibes podcast

Cosmos and Psyche:

The Legacy of Richard Tarnas

I was interviewed by Aswin Balaji with Celestial Vibes Magazine on the significance and legacy of Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas. In part we talk about his approach to archetypes and synchronicity in astrology and tracking historical patterns in connection with planetary alignments. We also talk about his conception of the modern self’s development that experienced a dawn with the Copernican revolution, led into the disenchantment of the cosmos, and then experienced the descent of its sunset with the Depth Psychology revolution at the turn of the 20th Century that decentered the conscious self as the center of the inner universe and unveiled the vastness of the unknown realm of the unconscious.

One thought on “Legacy of “Cosmos and Psyche” by Rick Tarnas on the Celestial Vibes podcast

  1. I really enjoyed this conversation. Cosmos & Psyche was an important book for me. It has been a helpful counterpoint to the distressing situation in the Amazon. I came across this
    “…only by opening ourselves to being changed and expanded by that which we seek to understand will we be able to understand at all. Such a shift involves gradually opening our awareness to a dimension of reality that, though potentially of deep significance, may at first seem scarcely perceptible, the subtle “patterns which connect” — patterns of meaning within and without, the delicate and elusive, the repressed and denied, that which is obscured by our certainties, that which suggests and intimates rather than commands and proves. Such a transformation in our approach to life requires, as Jung saw, a new openness to our own “other”, our interior other: our unconscious, in all its plenitude of forms. For here, perhaps, we begin to encounter the interior mystery of the cosmos itself.” p.487.

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