2020 Astrological Forecast on the Energetic Principles Podcast

I joined Melissa LaFara on her Energetic Principles Podcast for a thorough discussion of the astrology happening in 2020. We discuss each quarter of the year, from solstice to equinox, equinox to solstice in just under three hours. This will hopefully help you prepare for the year ahead, and can also serve as an episode to come back to later in the year to listen to again as we move through each quarter of the year. The astrology of 2020 is the most impactful we have had in over a decade, making it a dramatic initiation into a new decade.

If you enjoy Melissa’s work, check out her site where you will find a Patreon page set up to support her with a monthly subscription.

If you enjoy my work in astrology, please consider supporting me through a monthly subscription on my Patreon page.  Take a look to see the benefits you will receive as a patron.



3 thoughts on “2020 Astrological Forecast on the Energetic Principles Podcast

  1. I was wondering if you could shed some light on ‘transits’. I know you write mainly on the moons – which is brilliantly interpreted! But I was wondering how can some determine which transits affect you.

    For example everyone has at least 20 or so transits occurring in their personal chart daily – but which of those will be activated?

    For example some people who have their jupiter return have an incredible year and other find that it manifested nothing.

    Sometimes Venus transits feel amazing and other times – nadda.

    Just wondering if you could explain this?

    • It is a complex question but one way I discern this is through some various timing techniques such as annual profections that indicate certain aspects of the chart being activated during certain periods of time. Its also a process of finding what is important to you as an astrologer to focus on in connection with your practice as different astrologers will prioritize different things based on their practice.

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