Daimon: Guiding Spirit of the Nativity


The Guardian Angel by William Russell Flint


Sunday 29 October 2017

1:00 – 5:00 PM

Portland School of Astrology

I’m excited to announce I will be co-teaching an interactive workshop with June Rose Trimbach on the Daimon in astrology at the Portland School of Astrology on October 29.  In this class we will be working with the Greek idea of a Daimon, which was incorporated into Hellenistic astrology by Porphyry in the late 3rd Century. There is text from the ancient philosopher Heraclitus that has been translated as “Character for a human is his Daimon,” in addition to also being translated as “Character is destiny,” “A man’s character is his fate,” “A man’s individuality is his daimon,” and “A man’s character is the immortal and potentially divine part of him.”  Using Dorian Greenbaum’s thesis  as guide, we will explore the Daimon as a philosophical and spiritual concept. Then we will learn Porphyry’s technique to locate the Daimon as a guiding planet in the natal chart of an individual. We will all be working intimately with our own charts to find who this planet is and get to know them better, including through guided meditation. Using the imagery or feelings we receive from this experience, we will create devotional art pieces to enhance our connection with our personal Daimons.

While the technical astrology of the workshop is well-suited for intermediate and advanced students, novices and beginners will be helped along to locate their guardian planet and the rest of the class will be intuition. Please bring a copy of your natal chart to class.  Art supplies will be provided, and participants are encouraged to bring their own additional art supplies they will want to use.

For details on the class including how to order tickets, please check the following link on the Portland School of Astrology website:



7 thoughts on “Daimon: Guiding Spirit of the Nativity

  1. Dear Gray Crawford

    Is there any chance this might be taped and then made available on-line? I’m sure you’d have many, many takers! It sounds wonderful.

    Thank you for your extraordinarily rich, knowledgable and detailed posts.


    Anne Day-Jones

    • Thank you for your interest Anne! We are going to record part of it at least, its a pretty long workshop so some of it wouldn’t do well being recorded. I think we’ll focus on recording the opening teaching regarding the meaning of the Daimon and then the guided meditation. You can email me if you are interested in finding out how to get a copy.

    • Thank you for asking Lesa! As I mentioned in the comment above, its going to be too long of a workshop to record everything, but we are planning to record the opening teaching about the Daimon and then the guided meditation. Send me an email sometime if you are interested in finding out how to get a copy of it. I haven’t set anything up on my blog yet in terms of purchasing recordings of my talks.

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