Planets in Fall and the Spirit of the Depths – schedule change

Planets in Fall and the Spirit of the Depths title image

Saturday, May 16, 2020

1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

I recently announced I will be teaching a workshop for Nightlight Astrology called “Planets in Fall and the Spirit of the Depths” on Saturday, May 16. I will still be teaching on May 16, but the time has been moved to 1 pm Eastern standard time and 10 am Pacific standard time instead of the previously scheduled time that was at 12 pm EST.

Description: “The Greek term for a planet being in its fall has been translated as a low lying place, like being brought down into a depression in the ground. Planets in fall have also been associated with states of depression and depressing circumstances, in contrast to the ideal heights associated with planets in exaltation. We will explore the essential balance between planets in fall and exaltation, what it means to be born with a planet in fall in your natal chart, and imagine together how to work with the descent into depths we can experience with a planet in fall. What wisdom and self realization can we gather from the dark places that planets in fall bring us to?”

If you want to sign up to attend the webinar live, click on the link below:


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