Mercury Retrograde in 2023

Sarrah Christensen invited me to speak on her One Sage’s Podcast to speak about the meaning of the Mercury retrograde periods in 2023 occurring in earth signs. We talked about the meaning of Mercury and the synodic cycle of Mercury in general, including the meaning of Mercury taking on the role of a psychopomp when retrograde. There is also a lot of focus on the Mercury retrograde period in Taurus in April and May 2023 as well as the retrograde periods of Mercury in 2023 being in earth signs.

Mercury recently reached maximum elongation as an evening star on 11 April and so is slowing down in preparation of stationing retrograde on 21 April. Now is a great time to attune with Hermes and notice what aspects of your life you would like to change, reconfigure and release as we approach the upcoming retrograde period. Mercury will station close to Uranus in Taurus in between eclipses, and so this will be a particularly potent Mercury retrograde. This is a great podcast episode to listen to in order to prepare.

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